In Melbourne presented dishes from the peel of various fruits

In ancient times people did not have porcelain and high-quality clay, so put the food the hosts had to be on pieces of bark and homemade dishes from the remnants of vegetables and fruits. Design Studio Mathery from Melbourne repeated the feats of primitive people and created dishes out of half a pineapple, banana peel, melon crust, and so on.

The idea of creating this sort of collection attempt lowering the level of environmental pollution. People everywhere throw leftovers in the garbage disposal, while they may serve as raw material for the production of pottery.

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Take, for example, avocado, which the designers managed to build a beautiful vase. Or wonderful bowl of peels of banana, glued to the base and painted in an intense yellow color.

Every item of the collection of original and distinctive, unlike detergent, which is produced in mass production. Products Mathery made entirely by hand.

Not less interesting is the collection of biodegradable disposable tableware in the form of fruits and vegetables from Chinese designer Qiyun Deng.

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