Biodegradable disposable tableware in the form of fruits and vegetables: economical, practical, convenient

Chinese designer Qiyun Deng, probably, ate a lot of disposable dishes, if you decided to create your own version of plastic forks, spoons and plates. New disposable tableware is created of biodegradable material in the form of vegetables and fruits. She's a lot stronger than usual, looks unusual and does not contaminate the environment.

Designer easily turns the leaf of an artichoke becomes the bowl of soup, celery stalk in the handle of the fork, the pineapple in the blade of the knife and carrot in a little spoon.

As a basis for the shots he uses the lemon. For deep bowl – melon. Qiyun Deng is reported that from any vegetable or fruit if you wish, you can do the dishes.

The essence of the production of bio-ware is quite simple: the basis is need to take vegetables with a rich texture, put in special boxes and forms to pour the resin. After that, the finished workpiece is filled with biological plastic and painted by hand.

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