These companies, who are more likely to pollute the environment

British design firm Carbon Visuals showed the world an infographic which shows responsibility for the state of the environment.

Infographic created based on the experiences of the Climate Institute of Colorado Richard Hida. According to the report Hida, to date, 63 percent of world production of combustible materials can be broken only ninety large companies. One of them included 50 private companies, 31 companies, in the management involving the government and 9 public corporations. The 5 largest oil producers we have American Chevron and Exxon Mobil, SaudiAramco from Saudi Arabia, the British BP and the Russian "Gazprom".

My experience KHID tried to pay attention to the participation of specific companies in the pollution of the environment, and not on the overall figures, which represent the world other scientists. "You can imagine that the pollution of the environment or are participating from 7 billion people or 200 countries. Or you can imagine that it comes from the companies, all leaders who could fit in one bus," — said the Hida.

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