The Chinese build "green" Flavors Orchard city

China in full swing develops green technologies. The Chinese government is considering another ambitious project to improve the environment in the country. The initiative of the Chinese scientists, architects and designers received the name of Orchard Flavors and have become the world's first 100% "green" the settlement of people on the planet.

Flavors Orchard project – will be the first green town settlement. All on-site Orchard Flavors unfold 45 completely environmentally friendly homes that will depend solely on "green" energy sources.

Eat these houses will be from wind power, solar energy and water, said project managers. All waste will be fully recycled. Actually Flavors Orchard will be able to work autonomously, with the exception of supply only certain types of resources. The complex will have its own reservoir and water treatment complex.

All the houses in Orchard Flavors will have a futuristic design. The complex is expected to maximize green is to plant parks and gardens with fruit trees.

The complex also will have its own environmentally friendly and the entertainment infrastructure. Will appear in Flavors Orchard and numerous greenhouses with greenhouses in which to grow plants. The Chinese designers added that in the majority they will serve for scientific and breeding purposes.

An important part of Flavors Orchard is that the complex will not have any harmful nature of the emissions. All transport, like everything else, will be completely environmentally friendly. The complex will operate a network of public electric transport and the entrance to the complex will be allowed only on electric cars.



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