The Japanese built a floating electric car with a steering wheel from a motorcycle


Japan – an island nation, so the words "tsunami" and "flood" accompany each resident my entire adult life. No wonder, that Japanese designers came up with the idea to build a car-amphibian that would be able to Wade in the flooded water on the streets (though if the level does not reach the roof).

The most striking thing is that novelty was not a machine with internal combustion engine, and electric – apparently, the creators firmly believe that in the conditions of partial flooding of the electric motor will be more reliable, than traditional gasoline. However, about the possibility of charging the battery of such a vehicle in terms of the elements the developers did not say a word. It is also interesting that according to the developers, painless to move a floating car can't, and his owner will need to visit the auto parts store.

The creators of the original compact electric vehicle was a little-known company Fomm, therefore its creation is no more than a show car, designed for the attention of the Japanese automakers. A concept called the Fomm Concept One design is close to trehdverka hatchback, and, the developers claim that it will easily accommodate 4 people – and this despite the fact that the concept reaches a length of just 2.5 meters. In motion compact car is two small electric motors 7 HP each, in connection with what to expect from him high movement speed is not necessary. But the main "chip" of the original model was the wheel from the bike, towering over the front panel.

This option has attracted Japanese designers – is not explained, but to get used to this method of management quite easy. While Fomm Concept One is emblazoned on the web page in anticipation of positive feedback from interested manufacturers. One designers Fomm has already been achieved: One Concept has visual Internet users a broad discussion with a lot of supporters and opponents of this project, and, at least, the name of the company Fomm now at all on hearing.






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