Vegetarian meat with taste

Ethan brown, the founder of the company Вeyond Meat (more than meat) , was looking for a way to repeat the animal protein materials from plant-based. Its purpose is not the creation of a vegetarian, and a real hamburger with the help of amino acids, lipids and micronutrients, carbohydrates, and water in General, meat-but without the animals. If you can repeat the animal protein from vegetable protein to remove the animals from the process of creating meat that you can change the world for the better, to reduce the depletion of natural resources, slow the progress of global warming and epidemic diseases.




Within 10 years experiments were conducted with temperature, cooling, and pressure to rebuild the protein from plants in the fibrous structures familiar to us in meat. Objective enthusiastic manufacturers of meat substitute - to expand the range of protein for the consumer. Appreciated and supported the company one of the most famous vegetarians in the world, co-founder of Twitter BIZ stone (Biz Stone). He published a Declaration in support of Beyond Meat on the official website of the company and in his microblog.BIZ believes that Ethan brown is a game changer in the market vegetarian foods — attracts people who like the taste of meat, but want to give up animal products. And even bill gates is involved! (Is the investor Вeyond Meat ) the First product was chicken. New line of beef made from pea protein, and contains no gluten or soy. Spent many years on achieving the right taste and texture. Such beef can easily be used in favorite dishes such as lasagna, tacos, Bolognese. First national product this month in the United States. If successful, it could find its way to the rest of the world in the coming years. Soon, we'll have ham knowing that animals were killed to prepare it.



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