Exercises to relieve fatigue of the eyes

Exercises for the eyes will be able to maintain your eye health and good vision as the eye muscles are always in good shape. It will take just a few minutes a day. But the result will be noticeable, of course, only to regularly perform charging for the eyes.

What a bad vision, tired and sore eyes?

Constant eye strain is a major cause of visual impairment. Moreover, it is now a lot of work related with computer, and it also plays a role. The main pathologies of vision are long sightedness, short sightedness and astigmatism – and they develop from the fact that some muscles have lost tone, and the other too tight. From the fact that certain muscle groups are constantly overused, circulation occurs. To it with your eyes did not happen, just spend a few minutes a day, 2-3 exercises for the eyes.

Exercise to relieve fatigue from the eye If you already wear glasses, they must be removed, sit comfortably with a straight posture.

Exercise for relaxation. You need only to close my eyes, covering the eyelids easily without stress. The ultimate goal of this exercise is the achievement to the eyes smooth black background to the ripples and color of the spots had disappeared. Blinked. For a start, blinking slowly, with the power zazhmurivaya eyes, breathing deeply and slowly about 10 times. Then a few seconds, blinking quickly and easily, without strain. Eye movement up, down, left, right. To perform the movement you need is moderately slow. You can do 3 times. A lot is also not necessary, otherwise unaccustomed eyes can hurt. So don't overdo it with exercises. A similar exercise. But the movement is already running diagonally. Right down – left up, left bottom – right top. Rectangle. You need to describe the eyes of a rectangle or square, as clockwise, and against it. Description eyes of the circle. Similar to the previous exercise, you should also carry first one, then the other side. Pull the front of both hands and pinch them together, straightened forefinger. Gaze should be fixed on the tips of these fingers. Then you need slowly to dissolve hand in hand without losing both fingers out of sight. Then, gently pinch back the way they were. This exercise repeat several times. Pull the front of the hand and focus the gaze on the tip of any finger. Next, slowly bring the finger to the nose, to touch her and also slowly return your finger back, watching him with both eyes. Repeat a few times. Put a marker on the window point, or paste something, for example a small piece of clay. You need standing at the window, alternately to focus on a point and on a distant subject behind the window. Massage When closed eyelids need to make a light stroking. The upper edge of the orbit from the nose towards the temples, the bottom – from the temples to the nose. After each exercise, the eyes need easily and frequently blinking.

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