Scientists education increases the body's reserve



American neuroscientists found a correlation between the level of education of patients with brain injury and their ability to restore health.

It is believed that education increases cognitive reserve of the body, i.e. the brain's ability to perform basic functions despite damage. It is observed, for example, in Alzheimer's disease, the symptoms of which are manifested to a lesser extent in people with higher levels of education for the same degree of brain damage.

Specialists Medical school. John. Hopkins University in Baltimore, USA, decided to find out what are the variation in the degree of recovery of brain function after a head injury. Dr. Eric Schneider (Eric B. Schneider) and his colleagues came to the conclusion that education is an important factor contributing to post-injury rehabilitation. They examined patients with brain injury, mostly obtained in accidents or during a fall. In total, the study involved 769 patients at the age of 23 years and older, who were under medical supervision at least during the year after injury.

Patients were divided into groups by level of education. Had no secondary education 185 (24%); 390 (51%) gave the school 12 to 15 years, graduated from high school and received some additional education, for example, in College; 194 (25%) had at least incomplete higher education, that is devoted to the study more than 16 years.

A year after injury, 219 patients (28%) regained health and was able to return to work or school. Only 23 people among them did not even have secondary education, but 76 people had at least a bachelor's degree. As noted by Dr. Schneider, in patients with education equivalent of a bachelor's degree, the chances to fully recover after injury is seven times higher than those who have not graduated from high school.

The question of how education helps protect the brain from damage requires further study, say the authors of a study published in the journal Neurology.According to the materials of Medicalxpress.




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