A new approach to the treatment of pancreatic cancer offered by the scientists

The researchers believe that addressing the scar tissue makes tumors more aggressive.

A new study at the University of Michigan change the view of pancreatic cancer and its treatment. Unlike other cancers, pancreatic cancer produces a lot of scar tissue and inflammation. For many years, doctors thought that it was scar tissue – desmoplasia helps the tumor to grow, and eliminated her.

However, new research of Michigan experts show that the elimination of desmoplasia causes tumors to grow even faster and more aggressive. At least the mouse, after the elimination of scar tissue, had a fast growing tumor and death.

Dr. Andrew Rome: "It goes against 10 years of research. It turns out that desmoplasia is much more complex than previously thought. The components of this scar tissue can be a natural protect the body from this cancer, acting as a barrier or fence to constrain cancer cells from growing.

Perhaps researchers need to reconsider your approach to this process." The use of certain drugs aimed at treatment of desmoplasia in a clinical trial recently terminated early due to poor results. "Our study explains why it's not working," added Rome.

Scientists discovered that desmoplasia prevents the formation of blood vessels that feed the tumor. When it is suppressed, the blood vessels multiply, feeding cancer cells, the fuel for growth.

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