Rapid weight loss reduces muscle mass


Dutch researchers at the European Congress in Sofia presented his new theory: rapid weight loss leads to greater loss of muscle mass.

Professor Marleen van Baak from Maastricht University tracked two groups of volunteers. One of the patients was on a very low calorie diet for 5 weeks, the other group received a less strict diet for 12 weeks. The menu was designed so that people lost the same number of pounds. The participants were measured indicators of fat mass. It turned out that after the experiment, all volunteers lost equal amounts of weight, but the group with a low calorie diet had a significantly greater decrease in muscle mass, almost three times.

Professor Hermann Toplak of the European Association of obesity noted that diets high limit does not leave a choice to the body, and he has to "eat" your protein from the muscles. As a result of rapid two week weight loss, you can lose not only weight, but also up to 50 percent of its power.

Source: nauka24news.ru/


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