Bow – like tool for weight loss

Unfortunately, most people underestimate the bow and refer to it as one of the components in the preparation of culinary dishes.

Some even refuse eating onions in food, because of its peculiar smell, kill which is quite simple.

Only few people know that the onion is not only an addition to salads, soups and many other dishes, but also useful plants that has beneficial effects on the body as a whole, and is an affective way to lose weight.


Onion has long been considered a folk remedy for many ailments and diseases

The old monks, for example, has applied bow to hurt the skin and thus the antiseptic properties of onion help to relieve inflammation and help the rapid healing of wounds or cuts.

Also, they say that if going outside in hot weather, put it in his pocket onion – this will prevent possible heat stroke.

But back to the topic, as everyone wondered how such a plant like an onion, may help in such a difficult process, as weight loss. Perhaps many already popular onion soup recipe for weight loss, or someone knows onion juice with honey – an effective tool for losing weight and burning calories. 9a79d01c9f.jpg

As the onion and its taste are specific, not everyone to dare to just eat onions or drink its juice. But, nevertheless, as we all know, the beauty demands victims.

As a young (green) onions, and the bulbs contain a huge amount of nutrients that are able to saturate the body with some necessary nutrients, essential oils and vitamins, in addition, onion contains some minerals that will help to cope with the extra calories.


Bow – as a means for weight loss will help:

burn calories; boost metabolism; increase protective functions of the body; strengthen the immune system; prevents infections; to fight obesity. Therefore, it is possible, try to gradually introduce into your diet onions, if it does not consume and if you eat onions – it will increase the amount eaten. Add more onion in salads, which are so relevant in the summer.

Do not be afraid, because the breath will help special tools, and the onion will help to get rid of excess weight and burn calories.


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