How to drink water. Water balance in the body

Need to drink much more than average people drink. And, of course, we are about clean water, not liquids.

How to drink water? Water's not just in our lives is one of its components, water is part of the man, and it is in the human body vital functions depend. The plasma composition in our blood is similar to the composition of sea water, which covers ¾ of our planet's surface.

Our brain consists of water by 85%, saliva from it is 99% muscle 60% of blood, 75%, bones are 20% water and about 10 in the upper layers of the skin. H2O on average in the human body more than half. Thirty eight million seven hundred eighty two thousand one hundred thirty seven

Why do we need water is Necessary to protect the water resources of the organism. The increase in temperature of the human body contribute to heat, exercise, dry air indoors, etc. Trying to adjust the temperature yourself, the body begins to evaporate the water which is at his disposal through the sweat glands, the skin surface. Under the rays of the sun, every hour, a person can lose about a liter of fluid. Therefore only welcome any contact with water.

So the correct way to say "do not give yourself dry up" is to jump as often as possible for a few minutes in any body of water suitable for these purposes, for example: sea, lake, pond, river, pool. If the pond is near there, you can use a cool shower. You can try to recreate the Maritime atmosphere in your tub for thalassotherapy is now missing.

If the waters you're away, try at the local level to solve the problem. Water to moisten the cubital fossa, neck, axillary hollows, back of the hand. In these places most of the sweat glands, so their moisture will provide throughout the body a feeling of freshness. At hand keep a spray bottle filled with clean water.

Water balance in the body How to drink water not many people know. But about 2.5 l of fluid is lost daily from the body. This loss from inside the body needs to recover. And thirst is the first sign of dehydration. To make up for the loss of water is not difficult. The most watery food is vegetables and fruits, a they can contain about 90% water. Especially rich in water, cucumber, eggplant, lettuce, zucchini and watermelons. Dairy products contain between 80 – 95% water. To avoid confusion and be able to navigate, you can remember the rule that the high-calorie product, the less water it contains. If the products of orchards and gardens you due attention and do not abuse the sweets, we can say one-third met the water.

But you need to know that this is not quite what you need, because the person needs to drink it pure water a certain number. And the water we food or get some drinks considered not worth it. Especially noteworthy melt water, it is very useful not only for humans but for all living things. It is written in detail about the kind of water and how to cook it.

A very good source of water is considered mineral water. As its name indicates, the mineral water contains various trace elements and mineral substances. It is believed that 67% of the land consists of saltwater and 3% freshwater. And only 1% of freshwater available to man. And less than a quarter of this volume can be considered mineral water.

The staple food is water. We can not limit ourselves in its quantity. But its use must be reasonable, because the human body can only 800 ml per hour to learn. And does not make sense to drink a couple of liters in one sitting. It is necessary to drink water every two hours a glass. The ideal temperature for its use is considered to be 10-15 °C.

Keep where I can bottle with regular or mineral water. Thus, the use of water may be a conditional reflex. To taste the mineral water, you can even be creative, such as lemon juice few drops to add zest of orange, leaves of rosemary or mint.

Alcoholic beverages — the same water? Alcoholic beverages generally cannot be written to the asset. They all, without exception, have a dehydrating effect. Stronger the drink, the more fluid you will lose, your body. And in General alcohol is the strongest poison for our body, so cross him off from your life.

Also fizzy drinks are not worth taking. They inhibit perspiration and as a result, and the process of regulating body temperature. Much more useful is to mix the mineral water with fruit juice.

Water and sports activities Among those who are engaged in sports, too, not all know how to drink water. If there is not enough fluid in the body, it can cause headaches, fatigue and irritability. Protective resources of the organism may be reduced by 6-7% when the loss of even 1% of the fluid. Doing physical labor or culture in a dehydrated state, the person would tire 25% faster than those who constantly drinks water. One of the schemes which is considered optimal is to drink about 400 ml per hour before physical activity and during exercise drink 150 ml every 20 minutes.



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