Issues of interest to people of all ages

There are some interesting questions that interest people of all ages. These issues can initially seem quite ridiculous and even absurd, but few can give them the correct answer. Even if the answer sounds, it is usually wrong. This article will acquaint you with some interesting questions and give them correct answers.

Why do pigeons nod their head? The reason is the same which, for example, rotate the eyes. Through such action the image of the world while driving stabiliziruemost. However, scientists can't deal with the question of why head nodding is not all birds.

Why people have exactly five fingers on each hand and five on the leg? Most likely, it is pure coincidence. The fact that the common ancestor of all tetrapods have absolutely. It has five fingers and we have preserved from earlier species of animals. Scientists say that one common ancestor of all tetrapods are fish twin fin. It existed in the late Devonian. This period was approximately 365 million years ago. Archaeologists discovered the remains of this fish, and it became known that fish had six or seven in some way, fingers that were on the fins. However, this does not explain why the descendants of the five fingers. There is a theory that tells us that the reason lies in reducing the number of bones, and this, in turn, allowed each of the remaining fingers to become much stronger and tighter. Because of this fish and managed to get out of the water onto land.

In what place to be the coldest place in the Universe? At a distance of 5 thousand light-years from earth in the Boomerang nebula, a cloud of gas and dust, and be the coldest place. The temperature there is incredible minus 272 degrees Celsius.

Why identical twins have different fingerprints? Despite the fact that identical twins have the same DNA, not all cells of their body are the same. The appearance of the person is determined not only genetically. A person's fingerprints begin to be formulated at the time when the fetus is in the uterus. How exactly they will develop, be affected by fluctuations in hormone levels, and random. This is the reason why the twins have, for example, a different pattern of freckles and moles.

Why the bounce of the head one sees the sparks? The so-called sparks are nothing like neurons. They erupt in the visual part of the cerebral cortex. This occurs when abruptly changing the level of enrichment of oxygen. These are occasions when you sharply take a vertical position from the horizontal. Or in the case when the human brain drastically shaken by the strong shock. This causes the blood sharply to join the vessel or to leave them. Primarily, these changes respond to the neurons as they are located near blood vessels. It is these signals the brain perceives as flashes of light.

What is the cause of tingling extremities after numbness? A person may experience a tingling sensation in poor blood circulation. Perfectly healthy people can experience these feeling when compressing the nerves in the shoulders or knees. Such actions lead to the fact that flow to the nerve endings is terminated. When the pressure stops, the nerves are sharply resume message, and it causes a tingling, which will continue until, until you restore the full threshold. As a rule, this process lasts not too long.

If all of humanity will die, that would be the new evolved from monkeys? To this question scientists give the answer is "maybe". If we consider the situation in which humanity would have disappeared from some diseases that can be transmitted only between people, it is quite possible that one species of primates could develop the brain and in the process, would be bipedal.

Why do flies fly only in extremely unpleasant smells? The smells that warn us about the process of rotting for the flies are attractive for the same reason. At a time when any organic tissue starts the process of decay, their structure changes and becomes moist and soft. Such conditions are most optimal for the development of fly larvae. As a rule, rotting organic fabric attract females, who lay eggs. At one time the common housefly can lay 50 to 100 eggs. Posterity may appear at all in the incident 12 hours. Immediately after birth they burrow in the soft environment and feed off it for several days. After that, they turn into pupae and then into adults. The entire development process takes 10 days.

Why beer is dark, and its white foam? The beer has a brown color due to the malt. It is made so: the collected grain first lie and germinate, then they are roasted. If the temperature of the roasting low – beer. If the temperature of roasting is high, the beer, and dark. The bubbles in beer foam are covered with very thin beer film, but its thickness is too small to absorb the light, thus affect the white shade.

Man is mad if he talks to himself? No. There is such a phenomenon as "talking to yourself". This Hairdryer is not uncommon. People talk to themselves when they are alone or when they are under stress. This phenomenon is absolutely natural.



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