Attack on obesity – scientists have found a hormone that burn fat

American researchers have identified a new hormone irisin, which increases in the body during exercise.

The use of irisin will help scientists develop more effective treatments for diabetes, heart disease and other diseases that can be managed with exercise. A new drug which boosts the immune system, may provide a breakthrough in the treatment of diseases associated with obesity. New hormone identified through research at Havard medical school and the cancer Institute Dana-Farber. Professor Bruce Spiegelman said that the activation of the immune system will help treat obesity and diabetes. "This study shows an exciting new class of potential treatments that could be used for the treatment of diseases associated with obesity. Scientists hope that the new injection will be available within two years.

The body produces "healthy" brown fat, when a person is cold to help conserve body heat by burning stored calories. Studies have shown that exercise can stimulate hormones that activate brown fat, namely, a specific protein increases secretion of the hormone irisin. Professor Spiegelman said that development of irisin will help scientists to develop more effective therapies for any disease that can be managed with exercise. Experiments showed that irisin helps convert "bad" white fat that accumulates around the waist of the person in "healthy" brown fat increases energy expenditure and improves resistance to obesity. However, Spiegelman cautioned that this scientific discovery will allow people to skip the gym and build muscles by taking irisin because the hormone does not make muscles stronger. The study showed that the level of this hormone increase as a result of repeated exercise, but not during short-term muscle activity.



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