Zaedy in the corners of the mouth —treatment folk methods

Zaedy is a disease of the skin of the corners of the mouth, manifests itself as cracks and sores. Is accompanied by painful sensations, such as itching, burning. If you nalicity zaedy in the corners of the mouth, the disease will worsen. Conversation, laughter, eating, especially acute, will become painful, sometimes even lead to the fact that the person refuses to eat. Themselves zaedy, small cracks gradually turn into bleeding ulcers.

The cause of the disease is a yeast-like fungus of the genus Candida, or a pathogenic Streptococcus. Medical studies have shown that lack of vitamins, diabetes, prolonged use of hormonal methods, changing bite, antibiotics – all favorable conditions for the development of this disease. But there are other causes of cracks: sharp, burning flesh, food, mechanical injury and so on.

To treat zaedy in the corners, rtado full healing, folk remedies, and quite quickly.

• One of the first and simple method of treatment Zayed is earwax. Using q-tips to remove wax from the ear and immediately applied on the affected area of the skin. This method is also effective herpes.

• Good help in the treatment of oil and grease – vaseline, sea buckthorn oil, rosehip, avocado, flax seed, goose grease, beeswax, and vitamin solutions A and E of the vials. Compresses of the decoction of sage, calendula, celandine, chamomile, succession. The pulp of plantain pounded in a mortar, frequent use will quickly help tighten and heal problem areas.

• Sliced cloves of garlic kills all bacteria and fungi, therefore this method of treatment is also very effective, although painful. A plate of garlic applied to the zaedy and keep how much you can endure. To reduce the pain and moisturize the wound to help the common butter applied after treatment with garlic.

• To cure zaedy in the corners of the mouth will help the juice of the aloe flower. It relieves inflammation and accelerate the healing process, provided that the procedure to do at least three times a day, liberally wetting zaedy.

• Gives good results tea tree oil. His plus is that oil is applied only for a few seconds, in a compress, it does not take much time and allows you to carry out the procedure at any time (the more the better).

•To treat zaedy in the corners Ratkje, and using the pressed juice of plants such as celandine, plantain, Buttercup, flower of Kalanchoe. You only need to wipe multiple times the juice of any plant of the corners of the mouth.

Prevention prevention of the emergence of liberty in the first place should be correct and varied, that is, a balanced diet with all the necessary for the body vitamins and minerals. Almost every second case of this disease is the depletion of the organism and lack of vitamins and elements, zinc and iron.

Products that allow to replenish the body with the necessary elements – liver, eggs, cheese, milk, beef, cheese, nuts, peas, potatoes, seafood, spinach, parsley and other greens, beans and so on. Rich in vitamin In brewer's yeast, broccoli and bread made from whole grains.



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