Treatment for zaedy on the lips

Zaedy in the corners of the mouth can appear at any age, as in adults and in children. Also such disease as zaedy can occur at any time of the year, but most often increased activity this sore in the spring.

To get rid of zaedy on the lips you can try with thermal water, or hygienic lipstick made based on it. Simply sprinkle thermal water or to lubricate the lipstick on the affected area of the lips several times a day.

The following folk remedy for zaedy is rubbing them with the juice, pressed from the leaves of potted plants of Kalanchoe, juice of fresh stems and leaves of celandine, plantain, and Buttercup, and a sliced clove of garlic.

Constantly affected skin is necessary to wipe on your own hair if their length is sufficient to carry out this procedure. Earwax it is also perfect for the treatment of Zayed in the corners of the lips. This is a very simple recipe especially relevant for the treatment of problems in children.

In order to speed up the process of regeneration of the skin use aloe. Tear a couple of leaves of the plants and put them on 4 hours in the refrigerator. Then cut and soak in hot water (400ml). the infusion is prepared in a dark place for two days. Then they should wipe zaedy until complete healing.

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