How to treat burping folk remedies

You probably know about such a trouble as a burp. And most likely, like most people, You think this is a feature of the body. It is not, burping can be due to many diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, and even nervous disorders.

If You notice a frequent belching, particularly after eating, there is a reason to seek the advice of a doctor, what would osnutek to treat burps, otherwise You may not notice crept a serious disease, because the constant burping is the result of a failure in the body.

Today we will talk about Tomcat to treat otrezkov home folk remedies.

How to treat burping folk remedies But do not forget that when applying these tools, You must first find out exactly the cause of the burping.

• If belching occurs as a consequence knows where who took the heartburn, the simplest treatment is drinking mineral water Essentuki №4. Usually missing a few days of constant drinking of this water to get rid of heartburn and burping.

• Gastritis, occurring in the chronic form, with the existing high vydelyaetsya of gastric juice to help relieve the symptoms able a decoction (tea) from the leaves and twigs of BlackBerry, mint plants and lemon balm. The leaves are just brewed with boiling water or added to the teapot, and sprigs of blackberries need to cook for 5 — 10 minutes.

• Burping a potent agent in folk medicine. No wonder this goat's milk. You need to take a dose of milk in the Cup size at a time after a meal. The time of treatment is 2-3 months. Please do not look at the duration of treatment, because cure belching this way, You will get rid of it forever.

• You can also apply the fourth part of a small spoon of soda or magnesia, dissolved in water. In addition, You may come to the aid application 1-2 times a day 5-6 drops of clove oil on sugar.

• You must mix half a glass of juice of cranberries and a half Cup of aloe juice. Next, add a big spoon of honey (preferably liquid), stir and dilute with boiled water 1: 1. After manufacturing should be applied 3 times a day a tablespoon. Treatment of belching with this method will last seven days. For prevention you should repeat the treatment after a month. This mixture is applied as a relief of symptoms.

•How to treat belching, if all of the above in the house? Everything is simple, it is only necessary to mix the potatoes and carrot juice in equal parts and drink only half a Cup 3 times a day before meals. Potato juice treated numerous diseases of the stomach, and about the benefits of carrots with its vitamins, I think is not necessary.

• If you experience heartburn or belching after eating, sometimes it helps if you eat raw carrots or a green Apple. With regurgitation, the food you can suck a piece of ice from the decoction of chamomile or mint.

• If belching appears nervous, you can use a folk remedy, as the decoction of herbs: Potentilla anserina, clover, leaves of hops, Heather.

If You managed to notice the instigator of this phenomenon, the solution suggests itself — to get rid of this irritating!

The following recommendations are General and will help You to get rid of unpleasant symptoms:

— Eliminate consumption of carbonated beverages with sodium and carbon dioxide.

— Follow thorough chewing of food.

— After a meal it is not recommended to immediately go to sleep.

— Do not use often chewing gum, because when chewing, the air bubbles reach the intestinal tract, and then demand release.

After consulting a doctor, it is advisable to use some drugs to calm the walls of the stomach and esophagus. Take care of your health.



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