10 foods that can not eat before bedtime

No matter how much has been said and written about the dangers of sleep with a full stomach because all of us from time to time violates this rule. And not so bad when it's healthy.
We have prepared the top 10 most high-calorie and unhealthy foods that in any case you should not eat before bedtime.

Pasta is one of the most harmful products that should be avoided at dinner. Of course, it is possible to prepare as a snack, but remember that they are also a great source of carbohydrates that turn into fat when You go to bed. Pasta with various meat additives, sauce and cheese is a no — no if You're going to go to bed in the next 3 hours. High glycemic index of this dish makes it inappropriate in this situation.

Pizza is loved by everyone. She can't call it a light dinner. The digestive system would need some time to digest it, even during the day. Now imagine what a hard task at night when the body needs a rest. Besides, pizza contains many ingredients high level of acidity that increase the risk of heartburn.

We are what we eat. But did You know that You still "dream" what You eat? Not literally, of course. However, generally accepted is the fact that foods that are high in sugar and fat (especially sweets) affect the brain and can cause nightmares. So if You want to sleep well, before going to sleep, avoid calorie-dense junk food, and better to replace it easier, for example, dried fruits.

Red meat
Red meat is a great source of iron and protein. But a big juicy steak will deprive You of deep, relaxing and refreshing sleep. To sleep, all systems of the body require rest. But this will not happen if the dinner to eat a lot of red meat.

Dark chocolate is good for memory and brain in General, but at the same time, it is absolutely detrimental to the waistline, especially if consumed at night in large quantities. When the body is in absolute tranquility, calories turn into fat, because a little piece of chocolate to serve as a great dessert, but should not exceed 20 grams.

Vegetables — tasty and healthy diet foods, but not the best choice if You are going to sleep. For example, in onions, broccoli and cabbage contains a large amount of insoluble fibers that create a feeling of fullness for a very long period of time. But during the day this effect — what you need for those who want to lose weight.

Alcohol in any form — the murderer of sleep. It can also cause such unpleasant phenomenon, as night sweating, and constant awakenings in the middle of the night. Alcoholic drinks, especially cocktails, reduce night's sleep and contain a lot of calories.

Fast food
Like any fatty and high-calorie food, fast food you must exclude from your evening diet. Various burgers stimulate the natural production of gastric juice and cause heartburn in the night, not to mention the harm to the figures.

Hot sauces
Chili and other spicy foods and seasonings are very useful in combination with certain ingredients. However, excessively hot sauces, particularly those containing Chile, absolutely junk before bed. They are high calorie and full of protein.

Chips and other snacks
Crisps, nuts, straws, crackers and other beer snacks should be eliminated from the diet. Contained therein in a large amount of monosodium glutamate causes various sleep disorders.

After a heavy, especially a hard day the body needs a break from those functions which he performs constantly. The digestive system is no exception. If snacking before bedtime, let it be something easy. And remember to eat it for at least 2-3 vertical hours before bedtime.

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