The Dutch designer made the clothes with solar panels beautiful

Designer from the Netherlands, Pauline van Dongen in cooperation with Dutch experts in the field of solar energy by Christian Holland and Gert Yang Jongerden (they represent the University of applied Sciences HAN) has created a unique collection of women's clothing that combines sophisticated style and advanced technology.

On dark fabric that was the basis of models from the collection, Pauline found more than seventy-flexible solar panels, which are very harmoniously fit into the overall style of the clothing. Walking in the Sunny weather in this outfit can be all for the half hour to recharge a smartphone and two hours is a large tablet or a laptop.

Batteries on the dress, fortunately not (with them the clothes would weigh like a medieval knight's armor), and charging occurs only when clothing is connected to some mobile device. At the conference Wearable Futures, where he was presented a collection of innovative clothes, the audience of such a development were ecstatic.

Such ideas of the designers were present before, but hitherto the attempts to turn the clothes into the charger looked more like the decoration of the Martians, or at least the space suit of the astronauts. Pauline van Dorgen managed to make dresses and suits with solar panels is really beautiful, and it has earned rave reviews not only engineers, but also fashionistas.

We should also note another interesting solution which the Dutch designer used in his collection. It was said the hero of the famous Soviet film: "flick of the wrist," no, not the pants turn into shorts, and the solar panels on the dresses of the models showing the collection, hiding out of sight. Kind of flaps to close them, and to guess the presence of the technological component of the clothing, in fact, impossible.

This option would be good or in cloudy weather, or when all mobile devices are charged.

Now Pauline van Dongen is working to improve their design creations, and already has plans in the near future to run them in production.



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