Tip of the day: cook frozen food for the winter

Frozen foods healthier than fresh.

The season of fresh fruits and vegetables is in full swing, but unfortunately, nothing lasts forever — the time will come when we buy them. Maybe not to buy?

If there is a country, part of the crop it is best to freeze that after eating foods with a greater number of properties than those that will be offered in the stores. This science-based recommendation!

Research conducted by scientists in the UK at the initiative of one major provider of products, showed that the path from the garden to the shop counter, fruits and vegetables lose 50% of their nutrients. For example, tomatoes lose about half of its beneficial properties after a few days on the counter, green beans — 45%, carrot 10%.

But those products that have been subjected to immediate freezing after harvest, retain all its beneficial properties much longer.

Freeze for the winter stocks).

Source: www.gastronom.ru


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