Audi has conducted road tests of your own autopilot Traffic Jam Pilot

Aimed without grandstanding, Audi was the first among automakers put on the full road test car system-pilot Traffic Jam Pilot their own development. These things happened a milestone for the automotive industry event on the highway, the Lee Roy Selmon Expressway in the U.S. state of Florida, where serial Audi A7 installed an innovative system was tested over two days.

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Speaking of demonstrated results I must say that the first pancake turned out lumpy if not, then a small lump. Twice during the test broke the link between one of the sensors and the computing module which led to the need for emergency transfer control to manual mode.

At the same time, representatives of the American division of Audi said that a mistake was worn communication rather than programmatic in nature, and its correction is a matter of a few hours.

General assessment of the autopilot Traffic Jam Pilot has been exhibited satisfactory, as in all difficult situations during operation in the normal mode, the system will take only the right decisions, and, in fact, perfectly drove the car on the road.

As regards the technical characteristics of the autopilot Pilot Traffic Jam from Audi, it is built around the NVIDIA Tegra K1, which programmers have written thousands of lines of code. Information the CPU is supplied with a few dozen sensors on the vehicle and cameras that are able to form a full round view of the environment around the machine.

Autopilot from the engineers from Ingolstadt controls the gas and brake pedals and steering, which is enough for full motion, and in the future in order to replace the service to a sober driver in Moscow, which is now, frankly, there is no alternative in many situations, no.

About when to expect a serial embodiment of a Traffic Jam Pilot on available-for-sale cars, Audi does not apply, and declare only that a lot depends on the laws on Autonomous vehicles in the world. If it is, and many automakers are ready to bring such models on the road in no time.



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