Eight out of ten women appreciate in a man... sense of humor

Conducted a survey of more than 2 million people in England showed that eight out of ten women appreciate in a man sense of humor. Most men also wish to have fun women, and little less beautiful wives or girlfriend. A good salary was an important factor for 44 per cent of respondents.

What women want

Sense of humor (87%)

Financial responsibility (75%)

Intelligence (74 percent)

Looks good (65%)

Family plans (64 percent)

Life goals (59%)

Education (47 percent)

Good salary (44 percent)

Career (40 percent)

Occupation (32 percent)

Background (26 per cent)

Wealth (21 percent)

And What do maschinist of humour (80%)

Appearance (67 percent)

Mind (65%)

Financial responsibility (55%)

Life goals (45%)

Education (41 percent)

Family plans (36%)

Good salary (25%)

Career (24 percent)

Background (21%)

Occupation (19 per cent)

Wealth (18 percent)

Source: nauka24news.ru/


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