The 10 most unhealthy foods

On the creation of the rating of dangerous products worked, several specialists from the Institute of Ecohygiene and toxicology, National medical Academy, Ukrainian Institute of nutrition and several private medical centers.

The results (and they were quite unexpected) presented the first in Kaliningrad Symposium "Food. Health. Life", "Komsomolskaya Pravda".

Harm products included in the list were determined on the basis of their ability to cause severe disease. Many of the "participants" rating often become the reasons of poisonings and heavy allergic reactions, but for healthy people are quite safe. According to doctors, it all depends on the dosage. Small amounts of receiving such food can be quite harmless.

1st place: chips and soda.

That the chips are harmful, we heard time and again. But why? And because the chips — a mixture of carbohydrates and fat in the shell of dyes and substitutes taste. Because of the peculiarities of the preparation of chips produced a lot of carcinogens — substances that provoke cancer. A hydrogenated fats lead to higher cholesterol levels in the blood, which increases the risk of heart attacks and strokes.

Sweet drinks — a mixture of sugar, chemistry and gases. As a rule, contain aspartame (E951), a synthetic sweetener.

Felatanin contained in aspartame changes the threshold of sensitivity, when used in large doses, promotes the development of manic depression, fits of panic, anger and violence.

But most importantly — soda with aspartame does not quench your thirst. Saliva poorly removes residual sweetener from the mouth, so after consuming drinks in the mouth is a feeling cloying, which wants to make a new batch of the drink. As a result, drinks with aspartame drinks to excite lust, not to drink. So if you drink a coke, to wash down its normal water.

In addition, sodium benzoate (E211) used as a preservative, inhibits enzymes that lead to metabolic disorders and obesity.

2nd place: fast food.

The fast food — meat pies, pasties, fries, Shawarma, and everything that is fried — very harmful. Because it's all often fried in the same oil, changing it, God forbid, once a day. The result is the same carcinogen. With the years this food leads to disruption of digestion — to colitis, gastritis, heartburn, constipation etc.

Kind of junk food — chips, crackers, nuts, chocolate and nut bars and other favorite foods of children. Nutritionists around the world believe that food defines the length and quality of life. And the gustatory habits remain with a person for life. How to wean children from fast food? One way out — to completely eliminate it from the diet. And do not consume such food themselves. In any form. Not seeing such "delicacies", the child will cease to ask for it.

3rd place: sausage, smoked products.

Sausages, sausages, sausages, dumplings, etc. the Products we often you buy contains more flavorings and colorings than meat.

Smoked meat and fish also fell in the ranking for its high content of carcinogens. They are formed during processing as a matter of benzopyrene.

More and more manufacturers passes on genetically modified raw materials. For example, sausages, sausages on 80% (!) consist of transgenic soybeans. And one piece of smoked sausage contains many phenolic compounds, as a person inhales in a year! Phenol is extremely toxic.

4th place: vegetables and fruit, products with preservatives.

Even the most useful and natural products can become harmful if grown near a highway or factory. After tasting these fruits, you can get a fair share of benzopyrene and other cancer-causing substances.

As for preservatives, they may contain sodium glutamate. Poisoning with this substance appears in the form of headaches, spasms of blood vessels and even metabolic disorders.

5th place: margarine, pastries and cereals.

Margarine is a solid transgenic fat — the most harmful type of fat. Harmful all the products with its contents. It cakes with cream, puff pastry. Excessive love of this saturated fat and sugar products virtually guarantees a violation of the metabolism and excess weight.

Cereals, in particular white bread, made the list due to the fact that often cause intolerance. The disease is called celiac disease. Symptoms fluctuate from problems with intestines to diabetes and infertility.

6th place: coffee and energy, milk.

Two or three cups a day, not more. So much can adult drink without the risk of exhausting my nervous system. Energy drinks in General it is better to indulge as little as possible. Milk, like bread, is often unbearable product. Poisoning of dairy proteins in severe cases can even lead to death.

7th place: the homemade jam and ice cream.

If you twist the banks according to the rules — follow the dosage products and not to neglect elementary food safety (proper sterilization, spilling brine), pickles and tomatoes can be eaten without fear.

Ice cream contains thickeners and flavoring agents that can slow down your metabolism. And this, at least, an increased risk of excess weight.

8th place: chewy candy, candy in bright packaging, Lollipop.

Contain huge amounts of sugar, chemical additives, dyes, substitutes, etc. in a word, no good.

9th place: chocolate bars.

This is a huge amount of calories combined with chemical additives, genetically modified products, dyes and flavors.

10th place: mayonnaise, ketchup, different sauces.

Mayonnaise is full of TRANS fats which are carcinogenic and in addition cause an increase in cholesterol levels. You can not eat mayonnaise, especially in plastic containers. Vinegar highlights the plastic most carcinogenic substances! Mayonnaise contains a lot of preservatives and stabilizers.

Among the harmful products include ketchup, various sauces and dressings, a wide assortment presented on counters of shops.



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