New seats in airplanes Metrojet, the company has reduced fuel consumption

A well-known airline Metrojet before completely changed all the seats on their planes. It would seem that the environment is irrelevant? But such an opinion erroneous. The main purpose of the change of seats was the weight reduction of the liners, which will reduce fuel consumption and, consequently, to significantly reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

As representatives of Metrojet, the new chair will significantly reduce the empty weight of the aircraft, which in generalized performance will save 540 tons of fuel per year across the fleet of the company.

To call this number incredible, impossible, but still tangible contribution to environmental preservation such changes will be made. But most importantly, to follow this example and other airlines, resulting in volume reduction of harmful emissions into the atmosphere will be very impressive.

As for the seats, which allowed to achieve such indicators, then they are created by the British company ACRO, which is a rather large player in the global market of components for aircraft.

In addition to the significantly reduced weight, the new chair significantly increases the comfort of passengers due to the transport pockets for small Luggage in the upper back and liberated thanks to this extra space for your feet.

Upholstered chairs in fabric which makes them long-haul flights are almost just as comfortable as a good sofa-couch, and the appearance of the Burgundy trim is pleasing to the eye during the flight.

It is also important that in comparison with currently used by many carriers chairs in airplanes, products ACRO distinguished by a greater strength and high vandal resistance. The last factor ensures significantly extended service life, which, though a little, but will increase the profitability of the airline.

Representatives of Metrojet said that the decision about the replacement of seats in the aircraft, after studying the features offered by ACRO of goods, was made almost immediately. Set of such essential advantage is not given to the company management even the slightest reason to doubt the correctness of their actions.



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