Married women lack passion

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A new study at the University of Winchester showed that when middle-aged women eager to find extra-marital Affairs, they are looking for more romantic passion which includes sex, but they don't want to divorce her husband.

Professor Eric Anderson (Eric Anderson), who led the experiment, said: "to Be happy in marriage is very different from be happy in bed." Psychologist colleagues studied 100 heterosexual women aged 35 to 45, married, and their conversations with potential "suitors" at one of the sites extramarital relationship, hoping to determine what encourages them to infidelity.

The researchers found that the vast majority of women — 67 percent wanted more romantic passion, which always included sex. Anderson: "But the most surprising discovery that none of the 100 women who didn't want to leave their husbands. They were firmly convinced that they are not looking for a new husband. Many even stated their overt love for their husbands, painting them in a positive light."

Dissatisfaction in the bedroom, too, was and. Anderson said: "Our results reflect not disharmony, but the sexual monotony, this social fact of the nature of long-term monogamous relationship. The most predictable in the relationship that the longer they progress, the more the quality and frequency of sex will disappear. This is because we get used to one body."

Citing high rates of cheating, divorce and premarital relations, Anderson said: "It is clear that our model of sex and love with only one other person for life has failed. And it may not be massive, but that doesn't mean one can't love another".



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