A low-protein diet

The following meal plan is not intended to treat obesity – low-protein diet designed for people with diseases of the kidneys and liver. Its practice in phenylketonuria. This medical table by a doctor, then controlling the patient's condition.

RECOMMENDATIONS FOR Metaniobate with low protein content may provide a different degree of the restrictions – the rate of protein is calculated individually. Significant cuts in the proportion of protein is lowering its standards to 0.6 g per 1 kg of ideal body weight of the patient. About 3/4 of the calculated value of protein should come from animal products: fish, meat and poultry, eggs, dairy products. The remaining part of the protein is accounted for by foods of plant origin (a protein present in bread, cereals, potatoes). This version of the diet is tolerated well, but in some cases, the doctor may prescribe amino acid supplements and amino acids ketoanalogue (Ketosterila).

If this cuts the proportion of protein is not enough, a physician may transfer the patient to a more strict nutrition plan. In this case, the normal protein is reduced to the level of 0.3 g per 1 kg of ideal body weight (amino acid supplements are used mandatory). As an example: a patient weighing 70 kg needs to get from food only 21 grams of protein and take approximately 12-18 tablets Ketosterila. If you do not take this drug, it can lead to exhaustion, metabolic acidosis, and rapid deterioration of health. With a sharp restriction of the share of protein sources should be animal products – they provide the body essential amino acids. The menu includes about 50 g of meat and eggs and some dairy products. This diet is an extreme measure – no serious indications cannot be used. The principle of a dramatic reduction of the fraction of the protein is observed over a short period of time and under the supervision of a physician.

ADDITIONAL Rekomendatsiyami cuts in the proportion of protein, diet provides some other limitations. First of all, they affect salt – less salty than the meals the patient eats, the better (in the acute phase the diet and all must be salt-free). Excluded pickles, marinades, smoked products. Intake of carbohydrates and fats remains at the level of physiological needs of the body. Flour it is recommended to replace corn and potato starch. Wheat bread you can replace potato.

Limitation shall be:

• Cereals

• Pepper, vinegar

• Salty and spicy cheeses

• Fried foods

• Citrus fruit

• Acidic juices

• Coffee

In diet can include:

• Fish and meat broths

• Vegetable oil

• Butter, cream, cheese, milk, salted cheese

• Vegetables and berries

• Sugar and honey

• Barley coffee

• Dill, marjoram, caraway, vanilla

A low-protein diet – specific therapeutic methodology, which must appoint a physician. In compliance with such terms of supply must be ensured adequate intake of calories.

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