The products that are useful for healthy teeth

As the products, nothing affects the health of our teeth. Even daily brushing and regular trips to the dentist can't do more than a diet our food. The trick is that you don't have a lot to work our way to eat tasty and good for teeth.

Dairy products

Calcium and phosphate from milk products superior nutrition for our teeth. Just 50 grams of cheese a day will help your teeth be strong and healthy. And pregnant women need a day at least 100 grams of cheese, to preserve the health of the teeth.

Hard, raw vegetables and fruits

Carrots, apples, beets, cucumbers and other solid vegetables and fruits are an excellent tool for gum massage and mechanical cleaning of the tooth surface. In addition, these products have many minerals and vitamins that are useful not only for teeth but also for the whole organism. These are vitamins of groups B, D, C, E, K, beta carotene, silver, iodine, iron, fluorine etc.

Fresh berries and herbs

All berries are unique in their composition of food. They contain pectin, a useful combination of pigments, vitamins, minerals and organic acids. Many berries have antibacterial properties and prevent the development and occurrence of dental caries. They block the development of pathogenic bacteria in the oral cavity. Fresh herbs (parsley, onion, garlic, celery, dill) strengthen the gums and whiten the teeth, but also affect the good condition of blood vessels, which is important in diseases of the gums.


In the nuts a lot of fatty acids and mineral elements, beneficial to teeth. Pine nuts contain phosphorus and vanadium, are essential for health bone. Nuts are a good influence on the condition of the gums and can reduce toothache.


Besides benefits for the entire body, all the seafood have exclusive use for the teeth. Seafood enrich the body with fluoride, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin D, vitamins of group B. They promote the growth of bone tissue and help to maintain the teeth's hardness and enamel integrity.




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