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Pervosti even pricked. Ai-ya-yay, gnobit peasant and everything. And that is typical - the girls agree - say so, Nama, bitches, and it is necessary or, more often - "all true, how great I am not so».
 Once again, read, reviewed some excerpts, and somehow I was not comme il faut, you know.
 Yeah. Because I am. And because the truth from a friend is very one-sided. Well duck out of it we have it, a truth - we housewives dopizdy time, we are not bored and is able to.

Perhaps I'll start, but with this nice little "man should", followed by relish vaginoprodazhi. I say at once - I'm a traditionalist and reactionary, no newfangled feminism. Never in all my life I did not apply for the posts men, did not climb in the men's conversations, and basically do not mind that my place is in the kitchen. I was quite old-fashioned, comfortable with the role of "at home", and I also very like it when someone carries my bags, giving way to the subway, and for that I am ready Shkvarov patties, iron curtains and collect rotten socks. This is my voluntary choice made consciously. Well, it's the lyrics.
 This is the man "should" does not appear with an empty space, and since that time when the pen-down relationship "boy-girl" grow into zhelezobetnonnoe "family". And note that this is not "a man should," and "we now have the obligation" because we have done the same "informed choice." Moreover, every day you will have more and more. In the same way as I do. The family is not only a spiritual unity. This is a solid investment with a fair amount of risk. Do you want children - are counted, do you want a new TV - are counted, even the cactus on the window - are counted. Free only the moon. What will I count? If you will be working - just like you - if not, the duty falls to me to raise your children, cleaned the TV and watered cacti. And in any case it will be absolutely equal work with equal zaebannosti at the end of the day. Most iron male argument "Nahuas are you doing this, invent problems and solve them" has a very clear and absolutely unequivocal answer. As soon as you will not be home, you do not want to go back. Cactus, television, baby, litter box in a toilet and a new blanket - it's all part of our world - another component of hanging on to me so that you do not even notice it. The distance between the "breadwinner" and "the keeper of the hearth" is increasing every day, so sometimes my actions begin to seem illogical to you. Why did you buy? Why did you damn fool, I bought? If it's not clothes or tchotchke designed to me personally, I bought this house. To make it better for us. Me and you. Why are you, damn it, I decided that this would be better? Because you're so rarely talk to me about life, I can only guess. And because of that once you gave me the opportunity to choose, if you still remember this.
All of these statements in the spirit of "it lies on the ottoman, and argues that the beads chalk" - no more than a verbal beautiful. Yes, the money will be missed. Any successful venture develops. Similarly, with the family. Cacti, children and cats have a tendency to grow. They need new pots, winter suits and other financial and expensive crap. I'm not young. In order to be beautiful to me it is not enough to wash my face and get into tight jeans. Climbed into this game with your family, you should assume that it will not stand still. This does not mean that you have to tear the ass, earning baby shoes. This suggests that we will have to tear your ass. While you will beat the mammoths, I'll look for a better school, blush at parents' meetings and study the long division.

Bargaining by a pussy? Sale of the labia from childhood? Oh, zazyrte boys -one looking in my purse. No, of course, I will not look in your wallet. One look at you will be enough to understand whether you play in the family, whether able to take their responsibilities, there will be able to feed our children. And I will not be mistaken, because I work millennium. I will not meet with the defective male, because the one who is not able to support his race is unlikely to come in useful for something more than casual contact. I will not waste your time - if only because it did not have so much. And it's not a question of what is now in your wallet, it's a matter of how much you are able to feel responsible. Or - as far as I guess this ability in you, if you so wish. If you are not able to - we can be a friend, lover, the best vest for my tears. But it is not her husband. Because I'm very responsible attitude to this.

What do we have next? We are baked for what reason we do not send their children to court? Yes give you relax. Just in most cases they will not fuck rested. For all my life I only knew the three men who wanted to take the child. And each of them did it. No focus was not - they just wanted to. And the funny thing - do not feature in that court was on their side, namely that they wanted. The stories of his father's upbringing, once and for all solve the problem, and that required in an emergency of course, touching, but not such heroism as it may seem at first glance. I do not dick rested on these Sunday visits to the demonstration site. You just work out with him a couple of hours a day, 6 days a week, Build the road, broken road, draw traffic, blind dozen clay worms and read about Moidodir. About little things as feed, wash-prosrat I will not speak. Just give him two hours each day, and all. And do not complain about the fact that you do not have those two hours. There is. That pogeroystvuy, and then the courts will discuss.
 And yet, knowing zhezheshechku, I have no doubt in the fact that now there will kuchkovatsya ideal newlyweds with squeals "yes, my wife - but never" and other clever with banalities as "everyone is architect of his own happiness." Practice shows that the "Word" is much more tolerant of paper, and we should only have to press a button as the world around us is idealized to impossible. But fortunately - not all around the board.
 And - yes, this is not a manifesto.
 I just wish that at least someone understood why she bought the damn pot cactus. And really I do not like infantilism and terms. "This man" is like "a princess, that is not shit" - a myth, nonsense, heresy and lanterns will not find. I was quite satisfied with ordinary, normal - with unshaven, idiotic jokes and socks. I am ready to love him with all the fucking. But I forgive irresponsibility. Dismiss.


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