Different views on the feat Susanin))

About feat Susanin know everything. But each country has its own view on this event.

Finnish version:
 Susanin unhurried pace starts the enemies in the forest. They run him in tongues lolling out and fall down from exhaustion. Six months later, they realize that Susanin cruelly deceived. Six months later the enemies start to interrogate him:
 - Suuuusaaaanniinn, tyyyy kuuuuddaaaa naaaaas zaaaaaavveeeeel?
Ppppooochchchchcheemmuuuuu UNPO moooollchchittt? Zzzaaaaaameeeeerzzzzz chchchttooooo liiiii?

English version:
 Susanin enemies sit in the deep woods and drink tea. Drink a long time in silence. Finally, the commander asks:
 - So what are you, joked about the secret of the road?
 - Of course.
 - Oh-oh, what a subtle sense of humor! Just very disappointing - for that kind of joke we call a duel. Followed by a duel to the death Susanin. Like a true gentleman, the enemy regret the victims and express admiration for his sharp wit and unusual jokes.

French version:
 Frozen French huddle near the fire, Susanin tied to a tree. French for a long time about something argue, then the main approaches to Susanin:
 - Well, at least until the brothel you know the way?

Turkish version:
 An experienced trader Susanin Turns "shuttles" the most expensive in the market, where they are forced to buy at dizzying prices Chinese souvenirs. As long as they are traded, Susanin disappears.

The American version:
 Fearless Susanin taken prisoner by Iraqi soldiers. He agrees to hold them in their rear, but instead is the path of Moses, leading a detachment of the enemy to the border of Israel, where he is killed by a stray bullet in the crossfire. The scene of arrival of the coffin at home drowns all cinemas in tears. Susanin called the name of the new satellite navigation system, which will be sold to countries of the East.

The Mexican version:
 Susanin is on the border with the United States and at night secretly conducting through it illegal. Once it out bandits lurking on the Mexican police. Susanin translates them, but they decide to kill him to chop off the ends securely. But Susanin is an agent of the security services chasing illegal immigrants. Address to which the bandits had to get a new passport, the address appeared masked police station. In the final frames can be heard laughing Susanin.

The Cuban version:
 Documentary. Susanin and Fidel Castro discuss how and where you can make the whole country.

 The series "Susanin" - three hundred series Susanin leads the enemies around the tree. Since all suffer from amnesia, everyone seems to be that they are here for the first time. Even the most Susanin. But once somebody thinks of beaten trench around the tree, he understands that there is something fishy. In this series ends, and after a couple of years there is a new - "The Secret of Susanin».

Hong Kong version:
 Hero gets all in bamboo thickets, and then fly for a long time among the branches and mock enemies. After all spent cartridges, starts a huge fight, after which there was not a living thing.

Japanese version:
 Valiant Samurai Sa Su Ning is the enemy on the slopes of Mount Fuji. In accordance with the samurai code of honor in front of them doing hara-kiri. Enemies weep seeing such courage. Understanding the despair passed the final haiku: He made a harakiri. For that, and it's time for him.
 Next comes a scene of collective hara-kiri.

Dutch version:
 Susanin enemies for a long time and a lot of smoke. And smoke everything - from the grass stock and ending foot bindings. With each smoked hand-rolled cigarette, they go further and further into the forest. Smoking is nothing more, and in the minds of enemies gradually comes clarification. They understand that Susanin invented a new method of treatment for drug addiction, but to tolerate its use on themselves and can not begin to mock hero. But here they vybredayut the clearing of cannabis, and life is getting better soon. All die in the meadow happy.

German version:
 Having wandered through the forest without food, schnapps and women brave enemy soldiers doing with Susanin what lies behind two rows of letters «X» in the category of film. Commercials film makers were allowed to show only the group stage of necrophilia.

Romanian version:
 Susanin leads all through the dark forest. At night, the soldiers are killed - their bodies are bloodless in the bushes. When there was only half the squad, someone remembers that from some of the old dialect name of "Susanin" is translated as "Dracula." Soldiers Susanin hammered a stake into the heart, then there is a real Count Dracula and arranges itself banquet. But Susanin still alive, he rushes to the vampire and kill him, he hugged to the heart.


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