February 14, 1945 in one of the battles of the Soviet fighter pilot of the Polish Army, Oleg Matveev Illarionovich repeated the feat Gastello, carrying the so-called fire ram, sending the plane to the German tanks. Here are a few Soviet pilots who have committed such a feat.

Oleg Matveev
Illarionovich Photo: The personnel of the Regiment "Warszawa" led by Captain Oleg Matveev

Oleg Matveev Illarionovich Vyshniy Volochyok was born in 1917. In 1941 he graduated from the course aerobatics. In 1943 he fought in the squadron, then the regiment "Warsaw." He flew 40 combat sorties and 30 reconnaissance. Aircraft Flown Yak-9.
During the battle for the city Schneidemuhl (now the Polish city of Pila) was hit by antiaircraft fire. Realizing that he did not plant the plane, Matveev sent him to the accumulation of German tanks. For this feat, he was posthumously awarded the Order of the Red Banner and the Order of Virtuti Militari.
In his honor on the house where he lived in Vyshniy Volochyok was a memorial plaque. The city saw Oleg Matveev Illarionovich a monument, but by the decision of the authorities in the 90s it was demolished.

Nikolai Gastello

Nikolai Gastello born in 1907. In 1941 he made a ground ramming. This happened at the beginning of the war - June 26, 1941. The crew, commanded by Captain Gastello on the plane DB-3F flew for the bombing of a German mechanized column on the road Molodechno - Radoshkovichi as part of the two-level bombers. Antiaircraft fire aircraft Gastello was hit. An enemy shell damaged the fuel tank, and decided to make a fire Gastello ram, giving a burning car on the mechanized column of the enemy. All crew members were killed.
Gastello was posthumously awarded the title Hero of the Soviet Union and the "Gold Star" and the Order of Lenin. The feat Gastello became known worldwide.


Michael Anisimovich Yuyukin was born in 1911 in Voronezh. He was the brother-soldier Gastello. It is believed that he was the first in aviation history made a battering ram land targets.
It was August 5, 1939, at the height of the Soviet-Japanese conflict in Khalkhin-. Yuyukin bomber sat in a group of aircraft 150th Bomber Regiment conducted bombing rear positions of the Japanese army in the town of Halun-Arshan. Even after the bombing of the left engine of his plane was struck by antiaircraft fire. Yuyukin tried to slip the right to extinguish the flames. Realizing that the aircraft lost altitude and to the front line (about 20-30 km) not reach, he ordered the crew - gunner-radio operator and navigator Razboynikovu P. A. Morkovkina - to leave the ship and sent a burning bomber in the accumulation of the Japanese troops. Alexander Morkovkin managed to bail out and happily avoid capture, the next day returned to their base. Michael Yuyukin Peter Robbers killed.
In August 1939, Michael Yuyukin was posthumously awarded the Order of Lenin.

Taran plane DB-3T
Photo: Crew commander - Lieutenant Igashov Pyotr Stepanovich; navigator - Lieutenant Dmitry Parfenov G., gunner - Lieutenant Alexander Khokhlachov Mitrofanovich, gunner - sailor Vasily Novikov Loginovich

It was the first in the history of aviation ram air and ground targets in a single battle. June 30, 1941 the crew of long-range bomber DB-3T 1st mine-torpedo Aviation Regiment 8th torpedo Air Division of the Baltic Fleet as part of a pilot second lieutenant PS Igashova, navigator Lt. DG Parfyonov, bortstrelkov VL Novikov and AM Alexander Khokhlachev perform combat missions for the bombing of a bridge near the town of Dvinsk. The flight was without fighter escort escort. After the destruction of the bridge on the return plane was attacked by three fascist fighter Me-109F, according to another version, the four fighters. Igashov turned his plane to meet them and the right wing of the tail unit carried a "Messershmity." After that unleashed burning plane on motokolonna opponent, who was trying to force the Western Dvina. The entire crew, except Igashova died. The commander was captured and shot by the Germans.

Viktor Nosov

Viktor Nosov was born in 1923 in Simbirsk. In October 1944, Lieutenant Nosov arrived in 51 minutes mine and torpedo Regiment Baltic Fleet Air Force, American aircraft armed with "Boston" A-20.
February 13, 1945 in the southern part of the Baltic Sea in the attack vehicle with a displacement of 6 ths. Tons per aircraft Nosov hit by a shell, the plane began to fall, but the pilot pointed it directly in transport and rammed it. There was an explosion, followed by the enemy sank transport. The crew (pilot - Lieutenant V. Nosov, navigator - Lieutenant Alexander Igoshin and gunner - Sgt Fedor Dorofeev) died a heroic death.
It was the first war in the history of ramming a heavy bomber in the Baltic Sea. In Poland, a monument to the crew of VP Nosov.


ETERNAL MEMORY OF HEROES !!! The memory of their feats to live forever !!!




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