Shooting the film

shooting day ended for the Australian director and his colleagues in the movie: 300 meters away, they saw a fire tornado. With the sound of fighter flying column of flame height of 30 meters suddenly rose dangerously close to the set, hypnotized filmmakers for 40 minutes. Usually fiery tornado is observed within two to three minutes. All the more strange that the tornado was formed in complete calm at 25 degrees - "a completely did not promise a day."

The incident occurred near the town of Alice Springs in central Australia. The director Chris Tendzhi, in his own words, "jaw dropped" when he saw the fiery tornado. "I was shooting in the area of ​​23 years and never seen anything like it" - shared Tendzhi.

According to the director, for such a spectacle it was willing to pay $ 1,000. His crew did not waste time and filmed a tornado of fire.

Experts say that this natural phenomenon is very rare and extremely dangerous. It occurs when a column of rising air, or cause a fire comes into contact with the flame. In 1923, the 15-minute fire tornadoes in Japan has caused the death of 38 thousand people.



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