1613 - The official day of the death of Ivan Susanin. The official, as long story of the Time of Troubles, a lot of questions. There is some evidence, according to which these events took place a little earlier, in the autumn of 1612, when the young Mikhail Romanov had not yet been elected king. Who in this case saved Susanin? His master? How it was closely associated with the Romanovs patrimonial warden, and were there at the time of the Romanovs in Domnino as that written in the official version ... These things unknown. And the history - the science of strange, as you can see, looked through textbooks and study of different years and the authors. Far and walking is not necessary: ​​the Kennedy assassination, 9/11 - we all know for certain whether and when we learn? Oh ...
However, there is a fact - the Tsar, Susanin discharged after death from her and dance

1867 - Sold Alaska. The transaction amount - 11 million rubles, or 7, 2 million dollars. When you consider how many at one time Manhattan was bought, even good pay. By the way, in Russia for some time felt that they had made an incredible bargain by getting rid of a distant territory where maintenance costs began to exceed revenues brought by. A special delight was not initially in the United States - buying decision passed with a majority of one vote. And then - gold, oil and other minerals ... In general, in the words of one character, "Dig !!" That's the biggest underdeveloped countries merged for a penny a piece of delicious raw material base ...

1970 - "The White Sun of the Desert". The film of all time. Indoor view, however, took place before - 14 December of the previous year, and only in the official rental started in March. It is written about this film so much that add something much more complicated. "White Sun", "Seventeen Moments" and comedy Gaidai - champions of the Soviet TV


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