Russian Breivik? (8 photos + video)

Moscow 29-year-old lawyer Dmitry Vinogradov killed five and wounded two colleagues from hatred to mankind.

Wild incident happened in Moscow, at the central office-warehouse network pharmacies "Rigla."

On Wednesday morning the 29-year-old lawyer Dmitry Vinogradov this company killed a gun five people: three men and two women.

Two others seriously injured. Killer has been dubbed the "Moscow Breivik».

See more photos from the event + video footage. Horror! ((

- Vinogradov came to the office to 10.00, went inside and began to conduct indiscriminate fire from 12-charging hunting carbine "boar-Hammer" - told "KP" in the investigation. - Killed five people. Two employees were seriously injured shot 24-year-old girl - in the chest and face, and the 30-year-old man - in the groin.

Later it turned out that Vinogradov had two guns. In addition to "Boar", he picked up on the job hunting rifle "Benelli". Victims could be much higher, but, fortunately, making about ten shots, he did not have time to reload the gun.

- Dmitry Vinogradov detained by security service company "Rigla", - reported in the investigation. - It happened in the moment when he ran out of bullets and he ran out of space to reload.

"KP" has found out an interesting detail: Before you go to the office, where he worked for 4 years, with guns, Vinogradov posted on his page VKontakte manifesto little inferior crazy "program" Norwegian terrorist Anders Breivik killer.

"I am sure that I have good reason to believe all mankind close analogue of a cancerous tumor of a living organism; the role of the latter in this case is the planet ... I hate the meaninglessness of human life! »

On the page "Moscow Breivik 'photos are symbols SS - storm troopers of the Nazi Party.

According to preliminary data, on the eve of Vinogradov quarreled with my friends who also worked in the "Rigla».

- It was not the girl Dmitry - they only twice went to the movies together, - the investigation. - He told her about his "special vision of the world." The girl recounted the words Vinogradov colleagues. Began ridicule ...

How to tell friends Vinogradov, on the eve of a girl at all to make fun of Dmitry - and he was very offended. Incidentally, the ex-girlfriend Vinogradov did not shoot, she was able to escape. Kill the very people who made fun of him.

However, in the social network Vkontakte pages were found Vinogradov, in which he laid out his manifesto. And apparently it's not unrequited love. In the manifesto, which immediately brings to mind the Russian Breivik's lawyer complains population growth in the country, and deplores the fact that there were no wars for territory is not conducted. "After the war as a form of expression of the natural forces of competition has always been one of the main regulators of the number of forms of life," writes Vinogradov continues further. "Everything that I saw and learned in his life, nurtured in me hatred for the man, as to the form, writes Vinogradov. I hate mankind, and this very life. And I see only one way to justify it: to destroy as many particles of human compost. This is the only correct and worth of all the things that each of us can do in life is the only way to make the world a better place in the manifest. In Protek "Echo" declined to comment on the incident. Law enforcers understand, told us press secretary Inna Maklakova pharmacy network.

One of the victims in these moments doctors do surgery. Will the young man alive until doctors say are not taken.

The investigation will appoint a psychiatric examination, as to doubt the sanity of Dmitry Vinogradov. After the interrogation will be decided on the arrest.

According to the latest girl with whom he was in love Dmitry Vinogradov, were injured in the shooting and is now in hospital. This was reported by a friend of the detainee. He argues that Vinogradov their feelings about unrequited love, no one shared. He lived alone.

Experienced forensic Central Office of the Investigative Committee sent to the place of mass murder on Chermyanskaya Street.

The police say that a young person can go for life to serve his sentence in a colony of special regime.

Doctors are still carrying out an operation to one of the victims of the shooting in the north-east of Moscow. Another girl wounded during the massacre, is in intensive care in serious condition - doctors reported.

Lawyer Dmitry Vinogradov, who arranged a massacre today in the office of the pharmaceutical company, almost six months learned to shoot at the landfill in Podolsk, near Moscow. On this edition Layf.Nyus told young man's mother, whom the press dubbed "Russian Breivik". According to her, in the beginning of the year Vinogradov broke up with his girlfriend, a colleague, and then bought a gun. At the same time, the young man developed depression, and he even sought help from doctors.

With a lawyer Dmitry Vinogradov page in the social network VKontakte, who arranged today carnage in the north-east of Moscow, lost his so-called "manifesto". His young man posted a few hours before the tragedy. Meanwhile, investigators arrived with a search warrant for the apartment Vinogradov. Operatives planning to withdraw computer equipment by means of which Vinogradov communicate in social networks.

In the photo, one of the victims.

Employers 29-year-old Dmitry Vinogradov describe him as quiet, but a closed person. Vinogradov's daily behavior is not suspicious of his inadequacy. He never expressed any radical ideas and shared problems - According to the press service of the company "Rigla", where he worked as a young man.

The company "Rigla" assumes the costs of burying the dead employees.

Earlier it was reported that the document is missing from its pages. However, now "manifesto" access to account Vinogradov.

In the photo she Vinogradov

Russia's Investigative Committee wants to question ex-girlfriend lawyer Dmitry Vinogradov. According to the law enforcement agencies, because of her young man shot today of his colleagues in the northeast Moscow.

Vinogradov was arrested at the scene and almost immediately questioned by law enforcement officers. Footage of his interrogation, the investigator came to the Internet


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