Norwegian prisons "Elah"

It became known that the court in Oslo recognized "the Norwegian shooter" Anders Breivik sane and guilty of the death of 77 people. The court sentenced him to death penalty provided for in this country - 21 year of imprisonment. Breivik will be held in prison "Elah", where he had already spent more than a year after the arrest.

At his disposal is the bedroom camera, which includes a bedroom, where he can relax, watch DVD-movies or TV shows; fitness room with a treadmill and an office with a laptop, but without access to the Internet. Anders intends to write at least three books.

While Anders Breivik will be considered especially dangerous, it will be isolated from contact with other prisoners. He can not even see them, because his personal exercise yard surrounded by a high concrete fence.

In the future, it may be transferred to other prisoners, where Breivik will already have access to a library and gym. The content of the "arrow" will cost taxpayers approximately 700 million euros a year.


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