Two in one: Gelato business and pleasure

Have you ever thought about how to do business in Gelato?

If Yes, then you need in Anzola Dell'emilia (Anzola Dell'emilia), a small town near Bologna: the University of Carpigiani Gelato (Universita’ Carpigiani Gelato) you will learn all the recipes, the subtleties and intricacies of cooking popular Italian sweets. And if the idea is to learn to do this in a special University you seems unnecessary, then think about what to be able to make Gelato and to make this business a very difficult task.

First of all, you need to learn how to mix different ingredients, and accurately go through all the stages of the complex process of making Gelato. Otherwise you will not be able to achieve the perfect balance between taste and consistency. But this is not all: successful owners galateri well versed in marketing, management and design, and also have a clear idea of how you need to sell Gelato.

The University of Gelato that's What all the tricks and taught teachers at the University of Carpigiani Gelato, which was founded in 2003, Carpigiani – leading company in the production of machines for Gelato. This unusual institution has set itself the following goal: to make Gelato a worldwide recognizable product, by training future entrepreneurs in this field. A curious fact: the number of students in Carpigiani Gelato doubled after the crisis broke out in 2008.

The owners Gelateria thrive: if the production of one kilogram of Gelato takes about 2 euros, pounds finished product can be sold for 15-20 Euro. Moreover, a particular advantage is the fact that at the initial stage you do not need fabulous sums of money: 100 thousand euros you probably have enough "for everything". Not to mention the fact that the Gelato market is quite large. In addition to Italy, where Gelato steadily gaining ground (60 percent of the market versus 40 percent of the market occupied by conventional ice cream), the sweetness is popular in other European countries. Official website of the University: incidentally, about half of the students at Gelato University are foreigners.

Courses are taught in several languages, including English. Another interesting point is that the average age of students is 35-40 years. Many of them decided to this unusual education because I wanted to radically change his life. They have a permanent job, but they can't call themselves happy people, and dream is to move to another country. This is the story of 42-year-old Ferruccio Rivolta (Ferruccio Rivolta), who is happily married and unhappy with their current job. Rivolta plans to close his own business in the field of logistics in Milan and open Gelateria in Doha, capital of Qatar.

In a slightly different situation were Raffaele Del PASTRO (Raffaela Del Pastro) from the province of Belluno (Belluno), which literally fell in love with Gelato, as strange as it seemed, in Germany, where she worked at the local gelaterias, which belonged to immigrants from Italy. According to the girl, it so impressed and interested in the whole process of making Italian sweets that she just couldn't resist the temptation to learn all the wisdom of Gelato and went to the University of Carpigiani. Student dreams that someday she will own Gelateria somewhere in South Africa, however, is that she's going to do it all in Australia, where her relatives live.

The Gelato is tasty and healthy. In the preparation of Gelato uses the following ingredients: water, milk, eggs, cream, sugar, cocoa, fruit and many other products that provides a large enough calories, is necessary to saturate. They all contain proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals. For example, milk contains high quality proteins and calcium as well as lactose and sucrose, so necessary for high spirits. In Gelato also contains vitamins A and B2 and phosphorus. University of Carpigiani in conjunction with the University of Bologna regularly organizes seminars in which students learn about the beneficial properties and qualities of the Gelato. So don't beat yourself up for once you eaten serving excellent Italian ice cream!

Gelato and ice cream: feel the difference usually Gelato (gelato) is translated into other languages as "ice cream" that completely erases all the facets and differences between the fresh and the ice cream, which was prepared in large quantities and stored in the refrigerators of supermarkets. In fact, Gelato and ice cream are not analogous to one product because that Gelato contains less fat and air than ice cream, which makes this Italian dessert stored for a long time. Moreover, Gelato is served not as cold as our "Alenka" and "eskimo". All these factors provide the Gelato much more pronounced, but because more pleasant taste. In addition, we should also consider the fact that unlike ice cream, Gelato is cooked in smaller portions and more variation. That is why we can safely say that Italian sweetness almost is the epitome of taste and nutrition.

Now that you know the difference between Italian dessert and ice cream, you will never called the last of the proud name of "Gelato"!



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