Turkish electric car has travelled 2,500 kilometers, while spending only $ 17

This was created and developed by scientists and students from the University of Istanbul electric car has managed to travel through six Turkish cities, travelling 2500 kilometers. The cost of the road amounted to just $ 17.


The machine is called "T-1" and able to travel up to 500 miles on just one four-hour charge. The weight of the machine is 500 pounds, and its maximum speed reaches 130 km/h.

The production of electric cars, which lasted 18 months, was not the easiest task — and cost 202 thousand dollars. But despite the high cost of production, cost of operation is incomparably small in terms of money, this electric car 25 times more economical conventional car with a gasoline engine.

Development plans continue for a further five cities. After that they will complete their journey and return to the lab to make some changes to the design and creation of a new version of its electric vehicle.



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