Treatment of helminthiasis chanterelles

To fight settled in the body parasites help many medicinal plants. Tansy, pumpkin seeds and flax, wormwood, cloves (spice). Only they can not cope with all kinds of parasites, and in addition, herbs can not afford to destroy their eggs. And therefore, the disease comes back again, the fight against worms is delayed. Fortunately, there is a wonderful alternative, because the chanterelle mushrooms kill parasites. They are harmful effect on parasites of all kinds, which can only live inside the human body. And most importantly, chanterelles kill their eggs. No plant has this effect, but the mushrooms — Yes.


Chanterelles as a means of parasites have long been known. Surely, you do collection have noticed that the worms seem to avoid them. Worm-eaten chanterelles just don't happen in nature. This is the most clean mushrooms of all. Even chanterelles incredibly healing. Chinamans polysaccharide found in these mushrooms destroys worms along with their progeny.

Moreover, in contrast to synthetic anthelmintic drugs, chinamans does not poison the parasites, embedded in the mucosa of their cover, and then blocks the nerve centers, and also dissolves the shell of the eggs of worms, destroying many walls. The harm to human health does not apply.

However, this substance is destroyed by heat treatment and pickling. Therefore, in order to kill the parasites, you need to eat chanterelles or raw, or preparing an infusion or a tincture of dried mushrooms. Only when all the healing properties of mushrooms chanterelles will continue. But to make a tincture from the fresh mushrooms is not recommended.

Experts call these mushrooms "mushroom-antibiotic".They stimulate the bodies immune system. The Fox contains vitamins a, B1, B2, PP, microelements, zinc, copper. Successfully used in the treatment of gout, diabetes, inhibit the growth of tubercle bacilli. Enzymes fungi start the process of recovery of damaged cells of the pancreas.

Fox is the only fungus that does not accumulate radioactive substances. But on the contrary, displays the body of radionuclides. Mushrooms have been used effectively to cleanse the body of parasites (enterobiasis, taeniasis, trihozefalez, clonorchiasis, schistosomiasis, scarids, opisthorchiasis, giardiasis). Fox contains CinemaNow,

the capsule which envelops the eggs of tapeworms. In this case, the outer shell of the eggs or cysts, as podverganie dissolving D-mannose loses its protective function, it always leads to death of eggs. And this substance fully safe and has no side effects to the human body.

In addition to D-mannose in the Fox common, there are other polysaccharides – beta-glucans that trigger specific anti-parasitic defense mechanism in the body.This mechanism is activation of specific white blood cells - eosinophils, which are able to destroy the small parasites and large worms.


Preparation of infusion chanterelle. A tea spoon of powder mushroom steep, the Gulf Cup of boiled water at room temperature. After an hour infusion is ready. Drink it together with sasacom before bedtime. Use the recipe from the dried chanterelles from parasites for 20 days.

Or: chop the mushrooms. Take 3 teaspoons with uppers. To put it into a bottle, pour 150 ml of water and put into the refrigerator.

Infuse for two weeks. Shake before use. Dosage: 1 h LNA night before bed. The course is one month. If the infestation of parasites is very strong and has a chronic form, in a week repeat the course again until completely get rid of the parasites. Liver diseases, pancreas — 1 tsp in the evening 3-4 months for hepatitis — 1 teaspoon morning and evening for 4 months When cleaning the liver, 2 teaspoons in the evening for 15 days.

Treatment with the addition of white fungus

More effective to get rid of parasites together with white fungus. If the body is left dead parasites may cause inflammation. To avoid this, use the powder from dried porcini mushrooms. You can prepare each powder separately, and you can mix them equally and prepare a tincture or infusion as previously described.

Most often from living parasites children suffer. Note the behavior of your baby. If it creaks when you sleep teeth, has a habit of constantly picking his fingers in your nose, or experiencing unpleasant feelings and pain in the umbilical region, most likely, the child is infected with worms. Take immediate action — prepare an infusion of mushrooms. Only the proportions of the powder reduce by half. Let the baby at night is not the whole glass, and tablespoon of infusion. In General, it depends on the age. In addition, the chanterelle mushrooms save forever from worms, they have antitumor and immune stimulating effects, helps in the treatment of various inflammations. Vitamin A which is much higher than in carrots. Due to the presence of sulfur, and include them in the diet to prevent cancer. It is useful to use them also osteoporosis, obesity, anemia, goiter and rickets. Also, mushrooms have antibacterial properties against staphylococci, help in inflammatory and viral diseases ( hepatitis, measles, respiratory infections, chickenpox, influenza, herpes, cytomegalovirus). Has already started the mushroom season, which means it's time to go to the forest to preserve chanterelles for the winter. Collect these beautiful red mushrooms, dry them to prepare a healing powder, and your family all year round will be provided with natural anthelmintic remedy.

Keep the mushroom powder in a glass jar in the kitchen cupboard. You can add it to various dishes, such as sprinkling it on pasta dishes at the top, to give a fungal smell. Overall — tasty and healthy!




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