Treatment of irritable bowel syndrome folk remedies

In our time, one is exposed to different diseases. This is due to poor environment, poor diet, stress and other factors. Today we will discuss the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) and its symptoms.

This pathology is obtained in violation muscle motility in the walls of the large intestine of man. In this regard, the foods that we ingested, can not in normal mode to move through the intestines, the person formed regular constipation, diarrhea and unpleasant sensation of pain.

Syndrome accompanies various kinds of pain in the abdomen — stabbing, cutting, aching, pulling or perhaps a sense only of discomfort in the abdominal area. Despite these basic features, which are characteristic of irritable bowel syndrome, it happens more nausea, pain in the left side of the chest or in the right hypochondrium, feeling of a lump in my throat while eating, early satiety.

Starting treatment of irritable bowel syndrome, it is necessary to refuse alcohol and spicy foods at the time of therapy. To replace animal fats in cooking time with peanut, olive or sunflower oil. There should be small portions, but more often than usual (4 to 5 times a day) — this will help to make the digestion better. In case of diarrhea, it is necessary to exclude from the diet fatty foods and confectionery.

Folk treatment of irritable bowel syndrome• Eat necessarily apples — because of this, digestion will improve, there will be a detoxification and the symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome will decrease. Just one Apple, eaten between meals, can greatly improve the situation.

• In IBS to relax the intestines, in folk medicine, supplies the perfect remedy — peppermint. Of mint prepared infusion — pour two tablespoons of dry powdered leaves in 200 ml boiling water, insist 20 minutes, filter. Tincture can be drunk by replacing the usual tea party. You can also add fresh leaves to any salad.

• In case of spasm in the abdomen in order to digestion to do better, you should drink a warm infusion of the seed or the herb dill, half a Cup before eating three times a day (500 ml of boiling water, add a tablespoon of raw, leave for at least two hours).

• During the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome folk remedies recommend eating a cinnamon and ginger that will help to get rid of flatulence. Spices should be crushed to obtain coarse powder. A small pinch of this tool should be used together with ground bark of an elm tree. Fresh ginger and chopped can also be added to any infusion that has been described above.

• Another recipe, which will stop the diarrhea during irritable bowel syndrome is infusion of pomegranate peel. A tablespoon of chopped peel, pour a glass of boiling water until pink. You need to drink at one time.

• To provide a tonic for digestion and neutralization processes of fermentation and putrefaction in the intestines take in 2-3 grams 3-4 times a day the powder from the seeds of caraway, sipped a glass of warm boiled water.

• In the case when the disease is accompanied by the stress, then the patient need often relax in the bath, adding water geranium, peppermint or juniper oil. Do not forget that juniper oil is contraindicated for pregnant women. The bath temperature should not exceed 45 degrees.

• In combination with a hot bath will also help heal sedative herbs infusion of herbs Leonurus, the knobs of hops and roots of Valerian. You need to pour a tablespoon of mixture of these herbs with half a liter of boiling water and infuse for about 40 minutes. Take a third Cup for half an hour before meals 3-4 times a day for about ten days in a row. After a ten-day break, the course can be repeated. In order to avoid diarrhea, it is necessary to restrict to a minimum the foods rich in fiber.

Observing all the prescriptions and rules, You will ensure quality treatment of irritable bowel syndrome already at the initial stage of the disease.



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