Restore intestinal flora folk remedies.

A very effective procedure that could be done at home. I must say that the flora living in the intestines of every person, very sensitive and vulnerable, hurt her very easily. Damage or even destroy the intestinal flora may be a number of factors.

And if you destroy the microorganisms that live in the intestines is very simple, their recovery may take a long time.

Scientists say that the microorganisms in the intestines are not uniform, all in the gastrointestinal tract can accommodate up to five hundred different species of tiny organisms.

Microorganisms can damage a variety of reasons and factors. Firstly, the intestinal flora can destroy various congenital diseases which lead to a shortage (or overabundance) of the enzyme. Secondly, flora may be destroyed due to the introduction of drugs (such as antibiotics), as well as due to malnutrition, infection and various surplus spirits. Besides all kinds of radiation (including x-rays) can kill intestinal flora.

Therefore, the restoration of intestinal microflora folk remedies are extremely important, as it affects human health. Fortunately there are plenty of herbs that can help solve this problem.

Thus, in particular, in order to quickly restore intestinal flora can make a mixture of sweet and helpful. It made such a mixture of honey, dried apricots and prunes. The solid ingredients necessary to crush using a blender or grinder and then mix them with honey. Consume this mixture should be one tablespoon per day.

Restoration of the intestinal microflora of folk remedies can be performed by classical cereals. For example, it helps porridge of oatmeal or buckwheat, eaten for breakfast. It is advisable to add to the mess quality prunes. Also restore microflora very well to compote of dried fruits. By lunchtime, add the vinaigrette or other salad of beets. Drink tea with a slice of lemon, every day, eat 2 cloves of garlic to kill bacteria malefic.

Of course, the best option would be to use a variety of dairy products such as yogurt and cottage cheese. There can be, without limitation, as these products bring the body exclusively benefit. Enough high efficiency different reception kumys or sour milk (two cups per day).

Restoration of the intestinal microflora of folk remedies can be performed by the root burnet. To do this, 200 grams of burnet root pour a glass of water and leave to cook on low heat for 15-20 minutes. The resulting broth should be taken into five or six times a day for one tablespoon. This treatment should be done at least a month.

You can also cook a great recipe of four teaspoons of fennel seeds. Dill seeds need to pour a glass of boiling water and leave to infuse for two hours. After this, the infusion should be taken every two hours.

Plantain the roots of sweet flag - a great way to restore the intestinal flora. As in previous cases, 2 teaspoon mixture of herbs pour boiling water and infuse for half an hour, then take ten days at 50 milliliters per half hour before each meal.

Restoration of intestinal microflora after antibiotic Braga. This is the most that neither is a folk recipe. In half a liter of warm water add 1 tablespoon of honey and a spoonful of sugar and about 2 grams of yeast. All carefully mixed and allowed to ferment for a few hours in a warm place. Longer is not worth it, not to get intoxicated Braga. Drink should be all right for the time volley. Drinking is exactly the time between meals. It's got 2 cups a day. This means you will immediately take up residence in the intestines fermenting microorganisms, thereby restoring normal operation.

Another note - all acidic berries, such as cranberries and rose hips - this is a very good remedy for recovery of the intestinal microflora. Eat them every day and you'll be all right.

Already it is no secret that pumpkin seeds are well cleaned intestines from parasites. Turn up their action in this recipe: in equal amounts in a blender grind pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds by and walnuts. 2 tablespoons of the resulting powder, stir in half a cup of boiled water and drink. The course of treatment two times a day for 10 days.

It is worth noting that the recovery of the intestinal flora procedure that requires patience and hard work. For full treatment must be taken herbs for at least ten days, and thus it is impossible to ignore the diet.


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