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Melons are tasty and healthy. Eating sweet fruits can not only get pleasure from their taste, but also to adjust the shape. So melon for weight loss – how to eat a sweet fruit, how much weight can you lose, all suitable melon diet?

HELPFUL Informatsiyna has in its composition a small amount of protein and fat. The pulp is rich in carbohydrates – hence the ability of the melon almost instantly provide a boost of energy. Melon is rich in vitamins (A, b, E, C, PP). Full of pulp and minerals (it is worth to highlight iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, copper, iodine and fluorine). 100 g sweet pulp provides us with 35 calories.

Useful than a melon for the shape? Apart from the fact that it provides the flow of energy, it is worth noting another important property of sweet pulp – it has diuretic and laxative effects. This means that during the diet you will be able to cleanse the body of excess interstitial fluid and stagnant feces (this will also affect the weight and appearance). It is important to remember that the melon is a fruit specific. To combine it with another food contraindicated – sweet slices to be used as a standalone course.

OPTIONS WEIGHT loss FOR MELON Maquicomplet several diets on the melon pulp. They are aimed at different period of time.

DIET FOR 3-5 Napothera weight in 5 days is 2-4 kg. the Menu is not very diverse. Every day Breakfast of ripe cantaloupe (300-400 g of pulp). If you wish, you can prepare the salad the sweet drizzle slices with lemon juice. After a couple of hours, drink 1 tbsp. low-fat yogurt (it is acceptable to replace it with yogurt or drinking yogurt). For lunch, cook vegetable porridge of rice or buckwheat (fat and salt do not use). Drink 1 tbsp. of unsweetened tea. After some time, to eat melon pulp. Before dinner, organize a snack – eat 30 g of black bread (can smear a slice with butter), drink 1 tbsp. of tea. For dinner, eat a serving of unsalted porridge, 100 g of boiled meat and salad from fresh vegetables.

DIET FOR 7 Neotlichimaya feature of this variant of the diet is extended in time dinner from 16.00 to 18.00 you will eat a melon (spread equal portions of 1.5 kg melon flesh). After 18: 00 nothing to eat – it is permissible to drink only water. Before Breakfast, be sure to drink 1 Cup of warm water. 30 minutes after that eat a porridge of brown rice (salt cannot be used, but the use of soy sauce is not prohibited). Instead of tea, cook berries extract – 2 tablespoons lingonberry, cranberry or raspberry mash with a spoon and brew with boiling water. In winter, replace the berries with a slice of lemon. Dinners can vary. For example, Monday and Thursday eat vegetable salad with vegetable oil (portion weight 200 g) and 150 g low-fat cottage cheese. Drink Apple infusion. Tuesday and Friday Supplement salad of boiled fish (150 g) and green tea. Wednesday and Saturday prepare the salad not fresh, and cooked vegetables (beets and carrots). Fill low-fat sour cream (1 tbsp). Add a salad, steam omelets. Drink a Cup of herbal tea. On Sunday, prepare a salad of boiled chicken (150 g) cucumber, slice of avocado, Apple, stalk of celery.

DIET FOR 1-2 Naatu fasting diet may be used regularly, but to devote more than 2 days is impossible. Throughout the day you should eat 1.5 kg of pulp of ripe melon and to drink 2-2.5 liters of unsweetened fluids (water is the priority, but you can also drink any unsweetened teas).

Protivopokazaniya cannot be used for weight loss if you have problems with the gastrointestinal tract (ulcers, colitis, etc.). Melon diet is contraindicated in diabetes. Avoid melons during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Melon can cause an allergic reaction – before you go on a diet, ensure the normal tolerance of the melon pulp to your body.

Tzvetina for weight loss can be used – it allows you to lose weight without experiencing longing for sweets. However, caution is still needed, according to reviews, not all people are equally well tolerated melon diet.

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