Pet rescued us from disease

Everyone knows that dog is man's best friend, but not everyone knows that this pet can be a doctor. An interesting case happened with one woman whose life the dog had saved a rather unusual way.

Labrador Missy from the English town of Portsmouth, and had lived four years with 48-year-old mistress Alison felt that she was ill, and determined the source of the disease. Labrador at one point stopped eating and constantly touched a paw to his chest Alison. At first the woman didn't realize this, thought the dog just needed more attention. But when the animal stopped eating and ignored the hostess as if fell into a depression, Alice decided to check out the dog at the vet. The results showed that the dog is healthy. Then the woman decided to undergo a medical examination and doctors found a small lump in her left breast. Alison was operated on, and in a few days she returned home. Happy dog met the hostess and were happy as ever. The woman is sure that her rescued dog. And says that if not a Labrador, she would have never thought to check the breast, as in the family no cases of cancer.



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