Products with high iron content at night disrupt circadian cycle in the liver.

Researchers at the University of Utah suggest to those who work at night, not to eat foods high in iron content so as not to disturb the circadian cycle of liver.

As you know, disrupted circadian cycle is the cause of high risk of developing diabetes type 2 diabetes, obesity and cancer. The primary circadian clock of the body that regulate sleep and food, located in the brain. But other body tissues also have circadian mechanisms, including the liver, regulating the level of glucose in the blood.

According to biochemist Judith A. Simcox, iron plays an important role in the circadian clock of the liver. "Such dietary factor, as iron, that sets the circadian rhythm of the liver, can have far-reaching implications for people who work shifts". In experiments on mice, the scientists saw that the food with high iron content at night disrupts control of the level of glucose in the blood, due to the lack of sync with natural circadian rhythms.

Endocrinologist Donald A. McClain: "When a worker eats foods high in iron at night it reinforces the lack of synchronization between the clock in the liver and the primary mechanism in the brain." However, doctors have indicated that iron deficiency is also unacceptable. In the future, they plan to continue research to identify the optimal range of this dietary trace mineral.



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