How to grow persimmons from seeds.

The persimmon fruit is very tasty and healthy. Persimmon fruit have a great nutritional value mainly due to the content of glucose and sucrose. The composition also includes vitamin C, provitamin A (beta-carotene), malic and citric acid, a lot of iron, calcium, copper, manganese and potassium. So I decided to grow it from seeds at home.

Bones from sviashchennogo fruit is washed, dried and put in pot with soil to a depth of 1-2 cm(have experience of seed propagation of persimmon in wool), cover with cellophane wrap and put in warm place. Since persimmons are eaten most often in autumn and winter, a pot of bone to put on the battery.
Seeds germinate in 1-2 weeks. More to keep virtually useless. Pot, covered with cellophane, it is necessary periodically to air, water to pour on the measure of drying the soil at 1.5 cm. After the sprout appears, the cellophane can be removed.

Rostock persimmon is quite long-10 to 15 inches. At the end of the germ can remain bone. Its doors are very much closed, and if within a few days the bone will not disappear, the germ may die. So you can gently help the sprout get rid of the bones. You can do it with a sharp knife, needle or scissors, if the bone is very tight, it is necessary to steam(spray, place in a plastic bag and put in heat at night), then the bone will be removed much easier.

Sprouts grow very quickly, so they need to be transplanted into larger pots. The lack of space for rapidly growing root system may lead to the death of the plant.
The lack of substrate leaves stop growing and turn yellow.

In summer, the departure lies in the fact that the tree contains, in a well lit place, in the courtyard or on the balcony. In order to avoid burn the leaves of the plant gradually accustom to the new conditions, in the first week a little pritenyayut. During the growing season, 2 times a month spend feeding, alternating organic and mineral. Autumn in October - November was transferred to a room with a temperature of 50C or cellar. Top soil covered with a layer of damp sawdust and systematically sprayed to dry land. In February and March produce handling if it is necessary, abundantly watered and put in a bright place.
Form the young seedlings into small trees. At the level of 0.3-0.5 m effect pinched for branching. Leave a 2-3 terminal shoot, and when they reach 20-40 cm, they pinch out to form the branches of the 2nd order, so leave 2-3 branches, etc. Form a tree with a height of 1.5 m round shape. Plant early, the first flowers appear on 3-4 years.

Indoors or in the winter garden persimmon tree usually grows up to 1.5 meters (you can restrict its growth by pruning, and the splendor of the crown — the regular render). Summer tree of persimmon place in a bright and sheltered spot on the street, regularly watered and sprayed; the flowering takes place in June. In the period of active vegetation persimmon fertilize twice a month with mineral fertilizers with low nitrogen content. Winter persimmon kept in the cool (at a temperature of about 5 degrees, 10 degrees); the soil should be periodically moistened with soft water at room temperature, and the plant is sprayed. Excessive watering is very harmful and leads to the death of trees of persimmon.
Fruits on a tree is not harmful lowering the temperature, on the contrary, decreases the content of tannides and they are likely to become edible taste.

Persimmon planted a seed, when it begins to bear fruit?
Grafted trees come into bearing at the age of 3-4 years after grafting, seed — 5-7 years in dry room air for 1-2 years later.
What to feed a persimmon?
Feed the same as all other plants: sodium, potassium, phosphorus, micronutrients in the form of a good balanced fertilizer or compost extracts. published

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