Tesla ‘D’ – the next stage of development

So, unbeknownst to many, we were suddenly at the next turn of a cycle of world development, with other vehicles, and quite another order of things in the cities and on the roads.

Is evolution going slowly, and it so happens that come brightest innovators with a vivid vision of the world, and a strong intention to implement this vision. And surprisingly, they begin to create changes at the level of the established world systems.

Last Friday I was watching an unofficial stream with the presentation of the Tesla “D” in California and experienced a range of emotions from joy to admiration. And it's not in the new product innovation leader of the industry, it's all conceptual and engineering beauty of what is happening and view the far-reaching consequences.

Elon Musk once again pushed the boundary beyond the expected.

Next post will be slightly technical. But the plot here is not in technical detail, and that future is already here, and commitment to a big idea, sometimes gives incredible results.

Time to unveil the D – Two Engine

What happened? Some details.

Best car in the world Tesla Model S has received its first upgrade the hardware platform and the suffix “D” in the title. D – stands for Dual Motor. Yes, Tesla decides questions: do you Want four-wheel drive? – Let's add a second motor!

The motor is compact, simple, almost noiseless and does not require a heap of additional units, as the petrol engine – making it possible to install a separate motor for each axle. Radical rejection of the heritage of the past provides opportunities for the application of unexpected decisions.

The result:

Acceleration to 60 mph (96.5 km/h) in 3.2 seconds. It's insanely fast! Reason Musk called the car a personal roller coaster. Now this is the fastest four-door car in the world, the dynamics of dispersal as the famous Mclaren F1 supercar. Despite the fact that the Tesla is not a luxury car, and family premium sedan with Seating for children in the boot :)

Maximum speed increased to 155 mph (249 km/h)

The car was all-wheel drive. The onboard computer controls the motors: front and rear.

And the energy consumption at the same time... dropped. The car goes farther on the same charge.

Many in the last paragraph of the question as so consumption decreased?

Any “normal car”, when you add all-wheel drive consumes more fuel and is often reduced in cornering. In Tesla, all complicated and unnecessary elements mates are absent (transmission, transfer case, shafts..), the motors are controlled by wire, the capacity of each regulated with millisecond precision. Mechanical losses and delay is negligible. In the end, the computer distributes the load on the motors so that they are always working at optimum performance, saves energy, and improves manageability.

It is difficult briefly and popularly explain all the engineering beauty of what is happening. It is not a speed acceleration, it's in amazing opportunities emerging because of the radicalism and intransigence in the creation of a new form of transport.

And something else... – Autopilot

But that's not all. I well remember how impossible that sounded half a year ago, when Musk said “by 2015 we will make the autopilot” ...And it did!

Tesla staff have a radar, sonar, and hires cameras. And now all of it is used as autopilot system and advanced active safety.

Tesla now:

Shows the dangers on the dashboard (the approaching car).

Take into account the markup and displays it on the dashboard.

She goes turning lane

Takes into account speed limits (lowers is gaining by recognizing the signs),

Gives audio and tactile warnings.

The machine analyzes dangerously approaching objects and tries to avoid the collision. If desired, the driver can make to go in any direction, but by default the machine will choose a safe path.

All this added to the fact that the Model S already, all crashtester is the safest passenger car in the world.

And yet this the charms of the autopilot is just beginning:

The machine itself does parallel Parking.

She drives into the garage.

She can leave the garage and meet the owner at the door.

Moreover, the machine can focus on the meetings added to the calendar, and to leave the Parking lot in advance. Going to a meeting, you behind only to go out and sit in the car at the door.

What you have experienced, but conservative auto companies out decade (bringing new products from promise and the prototype to the series), Tesla, “the company-beginner” enough for a year. Moreover, in parallel with the introduction of dozens of other innovations.

Platformfactory people say, “Parking assistant and now put on fords”. It is important to understand that there is a question about things of a different order. Tesla is not a set of functional classes with Helicobacter pylori features. It is a holistic radical innovation platform and the strength of the integration of all its elements. At the time of adding the ability to the calendar, all existing Parking-assists immediately become obsolete. And this happens for every direction which develops Tesla.

A week ago I once again watched on Tesla downloaded the latest software update (v 6.0) with the functionality of a calendar sync with the phone. Thought then “well, a little but handy feature”. And suddenly, in a wave of a paw of an industrial robot*, the calendar, add the autopilot and get something from a science fiction movie... All that makes Tesla – it not simple :)

Tesla Model S is not a machine, it is a platform completely new mode of transport.

Making autopilot they offer an upgrade to the previous Model S.

Making the electric four-wheel drive, they will change the body and get a roomy crossover Model X.

Making the touchscreen panel, they can as much as necessary to improve the machine interface.

Having initially radically new body, they get a low weight (high mileage) and a whole new level of security for all machines in the series.

Having made one update and diagnostics over the network, they get stats, updates and neponjatosti for all subsequent machines.

This list is quite large now. I'm not here to talk about Electromechanical brakes and other technical magic.

With each update, the platform is becoming stronger and all nedostigenii from the perspective of technologies of the last century. The gap is growing.

And when you look at the next step in the development of platform – inflames curiosity: what kind of visionary magic of the future Elon saved for next year.

We have a bright future.


Test drive at the presentation of D, the demonstration of acceleration and autopilot

The presentation of the Tesla D in California (English)

Samda the official blog of Tesla Motors (in English).

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