How to calm nerves in one minute

Life can be compared to a turbulent river hiding the whirlpools, reefs, rocks. Unexpected obstacles disturb the habitual way of life, make us angry, nervous, stress. But now there are three ways that will help restore emotional balance in just 60 seconds.

The first way to calm the nerves

Will help to calm down quickly created in the minds of the virtual image. The vision gives the most information about the world that surrounds him. Scientists believe that best calms the nerves of the image, combining the white color and water. In order to calm down quickly, you need to sit comfortably, relax your body, restore regular breathing, close my eyes and see cool, white water (white, not transparent). Imagine how this water touches the top of your head, feel its coolness. Water flows on the face, shoulders, chest completely washes your body from head to toe. Enjoy a cool 30 seconds, then imagine that the water slowly flows down into the funnel. Now in the funnel go all the causes of your stress and all your problems.

Take a deep breath and open your eyes.

The second method

Get alone in the bathroom. Remove the tie, undo the top buttons on the shirt or blouse. Open the faucet with cold water, wet your hands and slowly touch both hands to the neck. RUB the neck, then the shoulders, gradually increasing the pressure, then, on the contrary, reduce it and finish the massage with light gentle touch. Wash your neck with cold water again.

The third way

Take a deep breath, exhale. Pick up a piece of cloth (a coarse towel or blanket of wool), compress and twist, as if squeezing. Fabric must be dry. Twist struggling, straining all the maximum muscle. Then suddenly relax and open, the towel drop to the floor feel the complete relaxation of the whole body, especially the hands and neck.

These simple exercises will help you to quickly calm down before a date, important meeting or performance. Do not forget that this world is not so much things would cost to reduce the life of your nerve cells.



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