Real sports cars, moved into the future

Public attention was attracted by a young designer from Manchester, who created the futuristic concepts of the real sports cars. He's only twenty-one, but the digital design of his won, when the undergrowth was barely seventeen. For four years, Khyzyl Saleem professionally has grown. Inspired digital designer was such a concept artists as Arron Beck and Danny Lu Visi. This is due to them creating their wild landscapes and invented characters Cazal.

Young Talan admits that he had serious intentions to learn to draw. However, the study has become unpleasant at some point. The guy decided that I should do something for him more friends, that will not be bored. So he came to the conclusion that today delights the audience. In his amazing art recognizable sports cars real modified on the idea of the artist and transferred to the future. In addition to the machines, the author creates from scratch the concepts of the aircraft, in real life, which can not be found.

Today the efforts of the author is focused on the "Evade". It creates concepts auto of the old school, but "equips" them with modern robotic engines.


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