As carbon dioxide is distributed in the Earth's atmosphere (video)

Since school years, all of us know that the Earth's atmosphere is constantly polluted with carbon dioxide. It is one thing to know and another to see it. To show people how CO2 affects the planet, NASA experts have visualized the movement of carbon dioxide within one year.

As can be seen in the video below, most of the emissions occur in some pockets of Europe, Asia and North America. Then the CO2 gradually spreads throughout the Northern hemisphere. In the spring and summer, thanks to the plants, the amount of carbon dioxide reduced, but the fall of its concentration again increases significantly.

Of course, this visualization was created not just for us. As the resource Engadget, a similar simulation will help scientists better understand how carbon dioxide can accumulate and affect the Earth's atmosphere. The work itself, NASA will not save the planet from the greenhouse effect, but she will let you know which methods you can take to preserve nature on the planet.

How does carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, you can watch the video below. By the way, this movie was modeled supercomputer for 75 days.



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