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Nobel prize in physics proved that, no doubt, the physical world is a single ocean of energy that occurs and disappears after a millisecond, pulsing again and again.

There is nothing solid and firm. This is the world of quantum physics. It is proved that only the thought allows us to gather and hold together those "objects" that we see in this ever volatile energy field.

So why do we see a person, not a flashing ball of energy?

Imagine a spool of film.

The film is the recruitment rate of about 24 frames per second. Frames separated by a time interval. However, due to the speed at which one frame replaces another, there is an optical illusion, and we think that we see a continuous and moving image.

Now think about television.

Cathode ray tube TV is just a tube with a lot of electrons hitting the screen a certain way and thereby creating the illusion of form and movement.
Here are all of the objects in any case. You have 5 physical senses (sight, hearing, touch, smell, and taste). Each of these senses has a specific spectrum (for example, a dog hears sound in a different range than you do; a snake sees the light in a different spectrum than you, and so on).

In other words, your set of senses perceives the surrounding sea of energy from a certain limited point of view and, on this basis, builds the image. It's not complete, and not accurate picture. It is only interpretation. All our interpretations are based solely on the "inner map" of reality that has evolved in the us, but not on objective truth. Our "map" is the result of accumulated over the life experience. Our thoughts are linked to this invisible energy and they determine what creates this energy. Thoughts literally out the universe a particle of a particle, in order to create physical life.

Take a look around. Everything you see in our physical world started as an idea, an idea that grew as it was shared and expressed, until I was old enough to through several stages to become a physical object.

You literally become what most think. Your life becomes what you most believe in. Peace is literally your mirror, which allows you to experience physically what you believe to be the truth for yourself ... until you change your point of view.

Quantum physics shows us that the world is not something rigid and unchanging as it might seem. On the contrary, it is something constantly changing, built on our individual and collective thoughts.

What we see as true is really an illusion, almost a circus trick. Fortunately, we have already begun to uncover the illusion and most importantly, seek to change it.

What is your body? The human body consists of nine systems, including blood circulation, digestion, endocrine system, muscular, nervous, reproductive, respiratory, skeletal system and urinary tract.

And from what are they?
Of tissues and organs.
What are tissues and organs?
Of cells.
From what are cells?
Of the molecules.
What are the molecules?
Made up of atoms.
What are atoms?
From subatomic particles.
What are subatomic particles?
Out of energy!

You and I are pure energy-light in its most beautiful and sensible incarnation. Energy, constantly mutable under the surface, but under the control of your mighty intellect. You are one big stellar and powerful Human Being.

If you could see yourself under a powerful electron microscope and conduct other experiments on yourself, you would have seen that consists of a bunch of constantly changing energy in the form of electrons, neutrons, photons and so on.

So -- and everything that surrounds you. Quantum physics tells us that the act of observing the object forces it to be there and so where and how we see it. The object does not exist independently of its observer! So, as you can see, your observation, your attention to something, and your intention, literally creates the object.

It's proven by science. Your world consists of spirit, mind and body. Each of these three elements, spirit, mind and body, performs a function that is unique to him and not available to others. What your eyes see and feel your body is the physical world, which we call the Body. The body is an effect created for a reason.

This cause is Thought. The body cannot create. It can only feel and to be felt ... this is its unique feature. Thought cannot experience ... it can only invent, create, and explain. She needs a world of relativity (the physical world, Body) to experience itself.

The spirit is Everything, that gives Life to Thought and Body. The body has no power to create, although it gives that illusion. This illusion is the cause of many disappointments. The body is simply the result of, and not in his power to cause or create something.

The key in all of this information is the opportunity for you to learn to see the Universe differently, to give the embodiment of all that is your true desire.published

©John Assaraf


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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