The Golden rules of life


The rule of reciprocity:

Before you judge the errors of others, pay attention to yourself. He who throws mud, can not be clean hands.

The learning rule is:
Every person we meet has the potential us something to teach.

The top rule of the road:
We are moving to a higher level when we start to treat others better than they treat us.

A rule of a boomerang:
When we help others, we help ourselves.

Rule of the hammer:
Never use a hammer to kill a mosquito on his forehead interlocutor.

The exchange rule:
Instead of having to put others in their place, we must put ourselves in their place.

Rule of pain:
Offended man himself inflicts insult others.

The rule of charisma:
People show interest to a person who is interested in them.

Rule 10-points:
The belief in the best quality people usually causes them to show their best qualities.

Rule situation:
Never let the situation meant more to you than the relationship.

The Rule Of Bob:
When Bob problem with all, usually the main problem is Bob himself.

Rule availability:
Ease in the relations with itself helps another to feel free with us.

The rule of the trench:
When preparing for battle, dig a trench, so that it will fit the other.

The rule of farming: All relationships can and should be cultivated.

The rule of cooperation:
Working together increases the likelihood of a joint victory.

The rule of patience:
Travel with others is always slower than traveling alone. Want to go far, go together, I want to go quickly, go alone.

Rule two sides of the same coin:
The real test of relations is not only how we are true friends when they fail, but in how much we rejoice when they succeed.

Rule of sympathy:
Ceteris paribus people will seek to work with those who they like; ceteris unequal conditions they will still do it.



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