Buglama — tender meat with vegetables and mushrooms



Baglama is a very simple and tasty, no, delicious dish! Will decorate any table!


veal — 2 kg;

mushrooms — 700 grams;

fresh tomatoes — 6-8 pieces;

onions — 5-6 pieces;

bell pepper — 2 pieces;

greens (I dill and cilantro) — a big bunch;

dried Basil;

salt and pepper to taste

2. Prepared foods: the meat is cut into big pieces, tomatoes and onion — rings, mushrooms, cleaned (I remove the skin from them) and cut the pepper half rings, greens — not small.

3. Take a pot or saucepan with a thick bottom. Begin to lay. First layer — tomatoes, and the second meat. Sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Then onions and greens, and Basil.

Then mushrooms, bell peppers and tomatoes. Salt.

And so rotate all products.

The top layer is better to make from tomatoes.

No WATER, NO OIL, do not add!!!! Close the lid and put on very slow fire. Cook for 1.5-2 hours after boiling. It depends on the meat.

This is a separate dish. Served on a large plate.

In the recipe I pointed out the amount of food that used. But you can add more tomatoes or peppers, all according to Your wishes. Tried to cook lamb, veal and pork. Always a great result! Visitors of "sweep" off the table!

And a couple of little secrets: the meat is better to use a fatter and add lots of dill!

Source: www.7dach.ru


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